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  1. Ex14

    Does Ryzen bottleneck a 1080ti?

    We look at only the Graphic score for 3D Mark since this is thje portion we're more concerned with testing at the moment. I'll grab some screen caps later maybe
  2. Ex14

    Does Ryzen bottleneck a 1080ti?

    Temps for GPU and CPU are fine. For usage wise I have not checked on GPU yet (might do it later on when i'm done with my other stuff) But CPU Wise only one or two core is loaded at a time (100% usage)
  3. Ex14

    Does Ryzen bottleneck a 1080ti?

    added testing methodology on first post
  4. Ex14

    Does Ryzen bottleneck a 1080ti?

    I was suspecting that too....but that doesn't justify the low single card scores as well Granted Heaven is not a great benchmarking tool, But even 3Dmark scores were pretty bad.
  5. Ex14

    Does Ryzen bottleneck a 1080ti?

    Forgot to mention the additional stuff I did OTL My bad. Switched out the RAM to 2666 Kits (corsair Vengeance LED) and while a slight boost was not the levels of performance we expected it to be. Also I overclocked the processor to 4GHz to see if the clock speed was the factor but that too netted little results.
  6. Hi, It's been awhile since I last posted here, but ran into an interesting situation at work that had me scouring the internet to no avail. I'm working with an SI right now and Ryzen builds are still relatively hard to come by. So when an order came through for a pretty balling 1800x and 1080ti SLI config I was pretty stoked. Unfortunately we ran into some pretty puzzling performance scores. With the system performing badly. How badly? With SLI the scores were similar to a SINGLE 1070. With a single card, It performed about 1080 levels only. We tested the cards on another system and it posted normal results in line with what we expected. We also tested the affected system with a 1070 and the scores for the 1070 were perfectly fine Has anyone else seen any news item or article talking about this? We even swapped CPUs to ensure it wasn't a faulty CPU. Specs are as follows 1800x generic thin 120mm AIO cooler. Asus X370-Pro 16 2133MHZ RAM x 4 850W EVGA G3 PSU 1080ti FE x 2 Using a HB SLI Bridge (non LED) We tested @ 1080p resolution with heaven @full screen high settings no AA and no tessellation, and just a normal run of 3dmark11
  7. Really like the idea of ta short throw projector. Would be really nice to augment my current room setup with a wider "screen"
  8. Ex14

    Windows 10 Mobile Insider Topic

    i understand. But like i was trying to hound on in my last 2 post, you can really see the importance of W10M in the eyes of a dev; etc not as imptnt as Android or iOS. if we were important or if UWP was of any interest (pairing it with tablets and computers etc) they wouldn't have dropped it. It just shows 1) W10M does not enough user base/provide enough incentive for them to develop an app 2)Even with the UWP And W10 adoption it still sin;t enough for a company to even consider it as vital to their operations. Kinda makes you wonder how MS vision of UWP being W10M saving grace would actually come to fruition. Also your analogy is kinda a moot point seeing as to how GoPro did cut back stuff alrdy.
  9. Ex14

    Windows 10 Mobile Insider Topic

    I know. still shows you hpow alot of companies feel about W10M; nothing more than an afterthought.
  10. Ex14

    Windows 10 Mobile Insider Topic

    more bad news for W10M W10M really needs some good news... Hopefully build brings some soon. http://www.phonearena.com/news/GoPro-stops-support-for-Windows-Phone_id79725
  11. the SP4 has an improved thermal solution so it'll take a bit more for the fan to kick in. it's not loud (lawnmower loud) but due to the size of the vents and fan, its a higher pitch so its noticeable.
  12. I get where you're coming from but honestly you don't really need a 4GB 128GB sku of the surface 3 for what you plan to do with it. I made do with a Asus T100 in s hook and that worked well for taking notes and what not (atom processor 2GB RAM 32GB STORAGE) so yea. if you need more storage for your files get an SD card. Those are pretty cheap nowadays. and RAM really only affects Chrome and the amount of programs you open. the apps (uwp) just auto close if you run out of memory.
  13. I diodn;t see the M3 p[rocessor choice in the title at first. Tbh its not THAT slow and its perfectly usable for your usage case. Also the keyboard is actually almost the same from the Pro 3. witht the Pro 4 keyboard being only being slighly less cramped in layout. You probably CAN use the pro 4 keyboard, but using it as a cover is abit overkill cause its bigger than the surface tablet.
  14. why not the Surface 3? It has an atom processor which is a plus for battery, LTE support too.
  15. if you actually read what he's writing he's basically saying arm chips are much faster or on par with current x86 chips. it doesn't work that way. It's not an apples to apples comparison. but yes I agree that an x86 phone is what makes the most sense for MS if they're still serious on the mobile space. That MIGHT help turn things around esp in enterprise.