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  1. Thanks for the giveaway As a kid I'd always go over to my friends house and watch him play battlefront 2 . I mean like every time I came over it would be on. However, I've never played the game myself. Would definitely appreciate trying out the beta
  2. . This is hilarious. You do realize that Linux distro have different desktop environments making UI different depending on choice. Not to mention after installing Linux, that drivers an average consumer would need are right their. Going off the most popular distro, Ubuntu, the majority of things an average consumer needs are already pre-installed. Want more? Hop into the software center that come complete with a full graphical experience. I could give Linux to my mom and she'd be just fine browsing the internet and doing office work. It really seems like you've never really used even the most popular of Linux distro.
  3. A few questions. What exactly is so bad about it being an ASUS laptop? I notice you keep adding that fact in You mentioned the APU is so weak that gaming benchmarks won't matter. I'm not really getting this point as I've not had problem with web browsing,auto cad, and other casual non gaming scenerios. Another side note: The APU is upgradeable up to the a10-5750m
  4. Would you mind elaborting? $150 is cheaper than a chromebook. I was thinking at least $350.
  5. I wouldn't be to sure about that,but to each his own. The middle ground in the $350-500(not saying that's how much its worth) range is pretty great for after market sales in my opinion.
  6. Been mulling over selling my laptop sometime in the future. However, I'm having trouble discerning how much its worth at the momment. Specs Asus k55n-sa80403v Amd a8-4500m APU Radeon HD7640g (built into APU) 8gb ram @ 1600mhz (note: laptop came with 4gb) 500gb HDD 54000rpm Windows 10 Product page:http://www.amazon.com/Asus-16-Inch-Laptop-K55N-SA80403V-A8-4500M/dp/B00E25Y1PE Note:ram has been upgraded to 8gb. Game benchmarks Tomb raider - 25fps low/medium (playable) Shadows of mordor - 20-23fps low 720p (non-playable) Bioshock infinite - floating around 30 on medium. Far cry 3 - playable on low/medium Skyrim - 30fps high setting Halo online/halo 3 custom edition - playable medium Bl2 - 30fps medium Just cause 2 - 30fps high Cube world - playable on medium + server hosting
  7. Small correction, they got 7 out. 1. Silk white 2. Sandstone black 3. Obsidian black 4. Bamboo 6. Oneplus anniversary edition. 7. JBL edition This issue was you needed to grab them from a 3rd party retailer is you lived outside China. Not sure why they couldn't work out logistics for the majority of covers, but that's why people were disappointed.
  8. Have you tried getting into custom roms and theming? Also dbrand skins and other accessories? I tend to attempt projects involving my devices such as the ghetto shield or turning my phone into a media hub remote for my Ouya. Maybe your not actually bored of the device itself, but the software or physical looks 0.o
  9. Specs Asus k55n-sa80403v AMD a8-4500m APU (radeon hd7640g) 8GB ddr3 ram @ 1600mhz 500GB HDD @ 5400rpm Windows 10 and Elementary OS I goto college in about 2 years, but I'm getting ready to either A) Sell the laptop and build a new PC B ) keep the laptop, add an SSD and possibly upgrade to a new APU. C) Sell laptop, buy a cheaper Inspiron 11 and 750ti current pre built. I'll be doing programming and possibly some gaming. This laptop is able to run games like bl2, cube world, and bishock infinite. This issue is its pretty hefty. Keep in mind, I'm not someone that needs to push ultra graphics or max out anything. I just want to occasionally place some of the newer games without having to worry about a bad experience.
  10. I'll probably be spraying the lid with black plasti dip or use a matte black skin.
  11. Seems like they have a retailer for Indonesia https://oneplus.net/idhttps://forums.oneplus.net/forums/indonesia/ Edit: typing from a OnePlus One in case you're wondering. I'd definitely recommend it.