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  1. Open Letter to Linus Media Group; Howdy, Sometimes viewers don't know what to think of what they see. Is that acting? is that real? Is it both? So am not sure what is going on over at Linus Media Group, their Mission statement. Their not much of a company, So am rather bothered by the hints of racism that's getting laughs lately. If that's really how it is and feel sorry for Dennis for being dragged into this company's messy startup. What i do believe is real on the show, is his face expression and the looks nicks give back at him for annoyance. Picking up the pieces of whats wrong your company, for examining. I don't think it was wise to hire someone who's English isn't their first language. Doing so you have proven you don't really have a framework for integrating new hires from the places they come from. Two things you are not capable of doing, have a policy for abuse in the workplace and have a policy for workplace support and training for living in your country for new hires that are from overseas. Nothing against Dennis, feel sorry for him for what is probably his first time in Canada, from Taiwan. Only to experience the slight hand of clever racism/abuse. on the border line of English; For our Asian chums or anyone who's ear cannot understand much English. They know and we know all too well that when we both speak English to each other, what was understood is poor. We misinterpret what they say and vise versa. You must work to bridge the cap but this is often too hard and takes a long time to accomplish. things that could be achieve: if Dennis's current working visa status renews and he see's a future there in Canada. He needs citizenship obviously, but also can start now with becoming a Canadian and learn English. start more alternative means of cash flow get serious advice/training for running a business And what this gets you is employees who become resentful and authoritarian and frustrated by the lack of English that is spoken, clearly you have to a plan for his involvement, why did him hire otherwise? Only to get a hint of racism in your workplace. You created all of this Linus, for the well being of your employees. Sort it out, for god's sake man. Grow your business into something more than just a ad money machine. Like start a PC shop, something. Or you won't be around in 5 years.
  2. A swiftech H220 fits easily. Tried n Tested. Good to know. For a custom water cooled loop build. Notes: Have the filler port facing out. You can have it the other way but with a 140mm (max) fan+rad on the front it wont clash with the main rad but you will need to remove it to get to the filler port on the inside. But other than that, only other problems there is to deal with is the front I/O USB n Audio Connectors need some special consideration about routing and as expected with the m/b choose wisely. If you run a FM2+ your ATX power nylon clip is likely alongside the radiator so may just need to cut off a bit of nylon plastic. Its a good attempt by Corsair, reason i got one. Have been looking at alternative steam box builds and had this H220 and no place to house it with the rest of a water loop.
  3. Mad fucking props to Valve. I can't stand when we get cookie cutter responses that have been cleared by a fuckton of lawyers and have zero heart behind them. What Valve has done here deserves huge respect. Very few companies will speak freely as if they were one individual who has made a mistake and intends to rectify it. Usually companies as big as Valve will give a blameless political kind of response that's just vague enough to place zero blame on anyone, while taking zero responsibility for bad customer service. Valve stepped up like an adult and said, "We know we suck at this part of business, we're gonna try to fix it, we promise". Now what they end up doing from here on out is what is going to define them, but the fact that they stepped up, admitted to their shitty quality service and explained that they hope to fix it is something that should be viewed as an example to others. Cheers Valve! umm Gabe Newell Helps Steam User & Saves the Day