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  1. Open Letter to Linus Media Group; Howdy, Sometimes viewers don't know what to think of what they see. Is that acting? is that real? Is it both? So am not sure what is going on over at Linus Media Group, their Mission statement. Their not much of a company, So am rather bothered by the hints of racism that's getting laughs lately. If that's really how it is and feel sorry for Dennis for being dragged into this company's messy startup. What i do believe is real on the show, is his face expression and the looks nicks give back at him for annoyance. Picking up the pieces of what
  2. A swiftech H220 fits easily. Tried n Tested. Good to know. For a custom water cooled loop build. Notes: Have the filler port facing out. You can have it the other way but with a 140mm (max) fan+rad on the front it wont clash with the main rad but you will need to remove it to get to the filler port on the inside. But other than that, only other problems there is to deal with is the front I/O USB n Audio Connectors need some special consideration about routing and as expected with the m/b choose wisely. If you run a FM2+ your ATX power nylon clip is likely alongside the radiator so may just
  3. Mad fucking props to Valve. I can't stand when we get cookie cutter responses that have been cleared by a fuckton of lawyers and have zero heart behind them. What Valve has done here deserves huge respect. Very few companies will speak freely as if they were one individual who has made a mistake and intends to rectify it. Usually companies as big as Valve will give a blameless political kind of response that's just vague enough to place zero blame on anyone, while taking zero responsibility for bad customer service. Valve stepped up like an adult and said, "We know we suck at this part o