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  1. Sorry for formatting issues, I am on mobile. Okay LTT forums, you're my last hope. I have an Acer Aspire 4738 of a family member, which BSOD'd a few days ago. Backed up the data in the "C" partition (where 90% of the users data was) using a Linux bootable I had made just for these kind of cases. This laptop is slightly unusual, it's got 5gigs of RAM. I was surprised too when I opened it up a few minutes ago. The laptop now needs a new OS, win10, no brainer. I get by win10 bootable, get the laptop to boot into the win10 setup, so far so good, here's where it gets... Tricky. When you click the "install now" button after the language selection, it just gives me a screen that says "setup is starting" and stays there for the next 30-60 minutes (yes, I actually waited it out). After which it will take me to drive/partition selection, which will refresh for another 20 or so minutes and then let me select a partition. After around 20-25 minutes, I get an error "cannot be installed on this drive" and the setup cancels and starts all over again. Now, I think it's because of the weird RAM config, I open it up and take the 1gig stick out, now it's just 4gigs, should be no issues from this point, right?? Nope, the laptop doesn't like the 4gig stick and shuts off as soon as I hit the power button. Tried the 1gig stick, boots up like a charm and even boots I to the win10 installer. Now, it's still stuck at the same screen "setup is starting". I still think it's bad RAM. Any help/tips are appreciated. Thanks guys. Note : BIOS is super basic, there's not a lot of options to fiddle. If anyone wants pictures for my issue, I am more than happy to provide them for further clarification.
  2. well the last time i tried something like this i erased the whole hard drive, so just to be sure but i did recover all the data so that was good on the other hand i had a fresh copy of win 8.1 installed later
  3. Okay, i've been using win 8.1 pro for a while now and since the desktop is a family desktop i am starting to wonder if some sort of virus got in. First utorrent started acting all crazy, then the explorer.exe went bonkers, even though i deleted all the files of utorrent from "\AppData\Roming\utorrent" i still have a "utorrent.exe" running in the background. So coming to the point a few years ago in my local paper i read this article about one installing ubuntu on a flash drive to get rid of said virus since 99% of the viruses are aimed at windows OS's, i was pretty sure i saved that article i couldn't find it, So will you guys help me ASAP because the amount of insane shit happening on my desktop is unbelievable!
  4. Rorossi These have to be my favorite https://www.vessel.com/videos/Su_Wqd7Vl https://www.vessel.com/videos/MI7F0u2H8
  5. "your not suppose to do stupid thing's" i thinks that the whole point of linus actually he does stupid thing so that we don't have to thanks linus!
  6. what are the fan's used on the rads?
  7. first, thanks second, what the hell is "DeepCool ROCKMAN NZXT SEN-MIX2"? if you are talking about cases, i already mentioned what cases it's based/inspired on/from
  8. yep, i agree, closed is the best when gaming
  9. you sir, are a freaking genius!!! thanks, i might just do this
  10. lol, thanks for the tip bro do you happen to know any good external dvd drives since my case doesn't have a slot for it and i have a few games on disk and i pre-ordered a few collector's edition games so more disks so i need something to install em with
  11. i did do some research, and these were the two i selected, but i needed more help, so i came here
  12. I need a game capture card with can record at 1080p 60 FPS. I was going for Aver Media's LGP Lite or the normal LGP. It's for recording on a PC by the way, since fraps has a crazy file size when recording. I was looking at the elgato hd60 (tell me if it's good or something ) I will be playing FPS, racing, TPS, RPG, etc
  13. The G1 has a triple windforce cooler if am right, so that means it'll be around the 12 inch mark and the 380t has support for 11 inch GPU's only