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  • Birthday 1995-05-21

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    somewhere in denmark
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    i f*****g love anime
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    such empty much content
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    full time student


  • CPU
    intel i5-4690k
  • Motherboard
    msi mpower z87 max
  • RAM
    16gb 1600hz hyperx
  • GPU
    msi gtx 970
  • Case
    phanteks enthoo pro windowed
  • Storage
    2x 240 gb hyperx ssd
  • PSU
    corsair gx 750watt
  • Display(s)
    BenQ GW2765HT
  • Cooling
    stock cooler lel
  • Keyboard
    logitech g710+
  • Mouse
    razer mamba
  • Sound
    razer blackshark
  • Operating System
    windows 8

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  1. nvm i fixed it thanks for the help though
  2. I've tried to disconnect the HDD with no result
  3. so i just built my 2nd pc for my friend and we booted up into the bios the first time no trouble but when we added the hard drive and booted up again we received no signal from the monitor we tried swapping cables round as such we tried with display port and 2 different monitors but no reaction so its from the gpu but since he uses hdmi i tried putting it in the motherboard but again with no result any help?
  4. nope its a normal pc just completely trash gpu edit: i have tried downloading all drivers
  5. after i reset my pc it has been saying my gpu is a microsoft basic display adapter and i lag an obscene amount in games i have tried following all online instructions and updated everything but it just aint working any help?
  6. i have a normal msi 970 and im going to buy a tiger oc version of the card for sli because thats the only one i can get my hands on at the moment. And does it bottleneck my i5-4690k?
  7. yeah but i have quite a budget of 500 to 575 bucks and even a 1070 breaks that
  8. i just found out 970's arent being sold in denmark anymore of some strange reason. i dont think i need another 970 so do you have an idea of what i could upgrade? im going to upgrade my cpu cooler because *cough cough stock cooler cough* i have around 500 to 575 bucks
  9. i am going to upgrade my current pc which consists of a i5-4690k i have a gtx 970 and planning to add another one in sli i have 2 hyperX ssd's a msi zpower motherboard. But my psu is 750watt and i am afraid that it wont hold this setup. Thought's about the build and psu?
  10. this kerner thing only affects my browser doe thanks mate