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    AMD Ryzen 5 400G
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    Gigabyte GA-AB350-M Gaming 3
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    Kingston 8 GB, 2400 MHz
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    Gigabyte GTX 1050 G1 Gaming
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    Zalman Z9 U3
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    Western Digital Blue 1TB and 240 GB Kinsgtoin SSD
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    Seasonic M12II 520W EVO Bronze
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    CoolerMaster Hyper T4
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    Gamdias Germes Lite
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    Gamdias Ourea
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    Logitech Z213
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. You need to tell us motherboard model, otherwhise we can't help you because every motherboard is diffirent.
  2. Also general rule is not to update BIOS unless your computer isn't working properly or new BIOS has support for some hardware that old BIOS doesn't have.
  3. If those that aren't working 3.0 USB ports maybe you need to install drivers for them (I know is sounds strange but I needed).
  4. Hello, few days back I upgraded to Winodows 10 Pro (clean install). After the instalation I wanted "links" like Documents, Pictures and Downloads to be shown right above the Power menu in Start. So I went to Personalization>Start>Choose maps that will be shown in Start menu (or something like that) and than I choosen maps I wanted. And now when I try to open them by clicking on it, dialog window pops and says "Windows searches Downloads. To locate the file yourself, press Browse. (May be not like that I translated from Croatian). Is there any way to fix it?
  5. Just a little update just bougt pots and connected them by picture 3, it didn' t want to spin fan. Than I tryed picture 1 and it works like a charm.
  6. Why would I need 2 amp pot for 0,16 apm fan? I will use 1 pot per vent.
  7. So, you wanna say one of 2 last photos I posted will do (besides yellow wire)?
  8. Well, I'm starting project of silencing my fans, for that job I decided to use potentiometers, and I have one little problem with them. While I was searching round Internet I found out people wire them on few diffirent ways but I don't know whats right. Down below I posted 4 photos, so if someone can look 'em and tell me whats right way for connecting.
  9. Yeah, you're probbaby right. So, what do you think will 1kOhm or 5 kOhm do it's job?
  10. So you want to say that neverminds what i choose untill its not stupidly high? Like 10kOhm?
  11. So, I want to make fan contoller with switches and potenciometers. And I got to the problem and this is what potenciometer to use? My fans are 12V 0.16A 120mm, I wouldn't like to my fans go below 4-5V. I also found one site where says that I need 100 Ohm pot. for this, which is by me a little to low. So can someone claim that ? Site link : http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/87295-fan-speed-controller-build-your-own.html
  12. First thanks for reply. Secodly I would like to connect LED's above the switch. So + from switch (PSU) to + on LED and - on switch to - on LED.
  13. Hello, I have one simple quiestion and that is are amps important when connecting LEDs? I want to connect switches that will turn on or off fans in my case, so when fans are on LEDs should light on. Power should go trought 4 pin molex connector.