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  1. hi, so i recently bought a new phone, the sony xperia xzs. i've had it for about a month, but last week i connected to my home wifi and it said that there was no internet connection. so i turn it off turn it on, nothing. so i checked my other devices and the internet worked fine on those. i waited for a while and tried again, still nothing. now its been a week and still no internet on my phone. ive done all the regular fixes like turning the router on and off and those didn't work. please help!
  2. is it at all possible to directly copy windows to a new drive whitout having to re innstall windows? (there was talk of a iso file?)
  3. So I just discovered Xbox play anywhere and im confused on how it works. Do I need a xbox to play these games on windows, or can I play without an xbox?
  4. kinda the reason im buying it, pretty good price for all them specs
  5. so ive been wanting a new phone for quite a while now and ive kinda decided on the samsung s7, and i was just wondering, is it worth it? ive looked at alot of cheaper options like the g4plus, and it just doesent seem like im getting as much for my money. so again is it worth it? im mostly buying it because of its great camera.
  6. So my buddy offered to sell me his old ipad 2 for 30 dollars, and I was just wondering if its obsolete or if it will still be fine. I wont be using it for other things than web browsing and netflix/youtube.
  7. my problem is that my drive's name changed from E to G and now origin/steam cant find any of my games. So how do i change it back?
  8. So ive really been wanting a dslr lately. I will mostly use it for video but allso for stills, and ive been looking at the d3300, which looks like the best when it comes to specs. I really favour it for the aspect of 60fps 1080p video. However i see canon dslr's with worse specs for more. Is this just some kind of canon tax? Or is there an actual advantage with cannon dslrs in the d3300's price range?
  9. So my phone for some reason has started to connect to the chromecast in the livingroom without me doing anything. so I'll be watching a YouTube video and my phone vill just start streaming to the chromecast without me doing shit. please help, it's verry annoying.
  10. i only have a 4mbs internet speed anyway so anything quicker than that should me good
  11. i want to transfer the internet signal from my house to a garage (seperate building) its about 50m away, and i was just wondering what the best wireless option would be as i really dont want to run an ethernet cable.