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  1. JJunzXian

    Intel NUC Giveaway

    NUC it c;
  2. JJunzXian

    Router with Sim Card Support & ADSL (Optional)

    Well for me I have not seen any SIM Based Proper units that support DSL at the same time. But recently, I have upgraded my house's DSL Modem+Router unit. There is a lil interesting thing about this router that might possibly be able to help you. It's an Asus DSL-N12U B1. Its a DSL Modem Router combo unit with a usb port that actually supports a 3g dongle plugged into it to act as a failsafe. I know this isn't exactly what you are looking for but this is the closest I can recommend you to. Try digging around the internet more, with a few keywords in Google, you might be lucky on the searches.
  3. JJunzXian


    Really liked the design of the phone. Coming from a S3 user (ik, its not the best but I got it dirt cheap) Also HTC have never failed to impress with their launches of FlagShip models (HTC One X, One (M7) and now One (M8)) Last thing, good luck to all other who entered this giveaway C:
  4. JJunzXian

    Wireless card with built in Bluetooth?

    Are we talking a desktop or laptop. If laptop most modern day PCIe WiFi Cards includes both of them. If desktop, you will need to dig around. This is because most internal WiFi Cards for desktop only includes WiFi capabilities and not Bluetooth. If you want both, you will be looking for something like this. http://www.amazon.com/Intel-Wireless-AC-Bluetooth-Adapter-7260HMWDTX1/dp/B00EKQN2KK Yea its expensive I know but hey it got Bluetooth and AC Wireless. And it is by intel. Just search around and probably you will find better deals than me. C:
  5. JJunzXian

    3DS XL parts?

    You could try dx.com I have been sourcing most of my device repairs (nawt computers) from there. They sell tons of parts for all sorts of things. Prices are quite cheap but if you ask if it is original, I can tell you NOPE. But the quality for that provided price is resonable and usable. It also provide free shipping too. Bad side is you had to wait for around 2 weeks Happy hunting. Ah what the heck, http://dx.com/p/sharp-replacement-upper-lcd-screen-module-for-ninteno-3ds-xl-3ds-ll-silver-218558#.UxCdN_mSxcg This is ze upper LCD screen ^ I have no luck in case tho, maybe you could find it.
  6. JJunzXian

    How long has your HDD/SSD been powered on?

    D: I have been beaten I've said that so I can somehow get someone to post something that is worst than mine so I don't feel like the one with a dinosaur old hard drive Still its very amazing of the posted results ._.
  7. JJunzXian

    How long has your HDD/SSD been powered on?

    looks like nobody haz beat my record O: I feel legendary (In other words old)
  8. JJunzXian

    How long has your HDD/SSD been powered on?

    My computer have not been turned off since build until now except for special days or some updates or some weird event happened
  9. JJunzXian

    How long has your HDD/SSD been powered on?

    ummm here's mine (This is the one with the longest power on period) Go figure
  10. JJunzXian

    please help no start up :((((((

    I assume the LED Cables that you are referring to are the Front Panel I/O cables right? If so check and see if you have properly plugged each and everyone of it to their respective pins and the polarity of it too. Make sure +ve goes to +ve while -ve goes to -ve.
  11. JJunzXian

    Surface pro 1 worth buying ?

    But again, it is still worth a shot to see if the computer together with shipping fees from NCIX to Italy will cost less than what is offered in Italy. You can search around and find one that you feel it will match your liking and budget.
  12. JJunzXian

    Surface pro 1 worth buying ?

    When you the shipping is cross country, usually it's high. (eg. to ship things from US to my country, it will nearly cost as much as the item itself (around 100 USD or more)) So it is better to find a local retailer or some deals back in Italy to evade from high shipping fees and taxes (may or may not be charged).
  13. JJunzXian

    Surface pro 1 worth buying ?

    I think I shall recommend you the Sony Vaio Fit 13, its a 13-inch hybrid notebook (13 inch is the sweet spot between portability and screen size). I think it features a i5 as minimum and 128 ssd and 8gigs of RAMs. It can be a tablet and a notebook. And last time I checked its like around 1k USD (Might be promotions at my country) Sony recent launches are quite impressive and this model is quite light too. Good luck on your hunt Edit: Here is the link to the product. http://www.sony.it/electronics/vaio/vaio-fit-11a-13a-14a-15a You can configure and find the one that suites you from here. http://www.sony.it/buy/vaio-fit-11a-13a-14a-15a
  14. JJunzXian

    is this normal? fans on full at startup

    I guess it should be normal because when your pc starts it just loads the basic stuff gettin ready for windows to be deployed. When you login to windows i presume the software controller starts to kick in and start bringing down the speeds. Try looking intoyour bios and see if it has a dedicated fan controller there. I know my ASUS board has one so my fans are controlled even when the pc starts in bios.
  15. JJunzXian

    Favorite Browser and OS

    As a matter of fact, I actually kinda liked and voted for Win 8. Yes, Win 8.1 may have been better than Win 8 (8.1 did not appeared as an option here) but IMO I still liked Win 8 because of the speedy startup time thanks to the Semi Hibernate system it uses (Not everyone can afford an SSD and to make it worst I'm living in a country where these technological stuff is dang expensive). You may have your perspective and I may have mine. But there are good and bad for Win 8, good is where Win 8 is much more connected, I can have mailing and communications all linked out right after installation. As for the bad side, IDK why but after prolong usage of Win 8, the activation service (some service called Software Protection under Microsoft Software Protection Platform Service) that runs on the background tends to hog up the CPU up to 50% on idle. But after a quick Refresh (Win 8 version of Reformatting) and reinstalling the driver, this is not an issue to me anymore. As for other OSes, I liked different OS for different purposes. I liked OSX when it comes to creating Creative Arts related stuff (eg, Video Editing, Image Editing) and also music related. As for Windows, there are also different version when it comes to liking. In WinXP, I liked it for running some ancient software that just won't run on newer Windows (even with compatibility turned on). Then in for a much more general gaming environment I would choose Win7 and for normal quick daily usage environment I would actually choose Win8/8.1. Lastly as for Linux Distro, I actually liked BackTrack much more than others, I had a lot of issues with Ubuntu on my Computer but not in BackTrack (odd). I used Linux when it comes to things like more Terminal UNIX environment related activities, (eg, Building a Custom ROM for an Andriod Device, programming under FORTRAN, testing the vulnerabilities for my Company's websites and my personal websites and computer, etc) Basically Linux is a very flexible and extensive CMD for me. These are my opinions for different OSes, as for browsers I have no comments for it as I don't switch my environment that much.