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  1. http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/98299-audeze-lcd-2 Read my review while you wait.
  2. That's why I made it, there's too much misinformation about audio.
  3. h264

    Some questions

    The e10 drives my 250 Ohm dt990s plenty loud for me. Then again I've been known to like my audio much quieter than most. Whether or not you want a special amp is really all up to your opinion on that sense.
  4. The pads are the same size, but the material is different I believe.
  5. this thread is reminding me of the hammerforumusa.com joke from a while back: http://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2012/03/hammerforum-com btw, OP, you don't need an amp for the ATH M50x. Personally, I like them a lot and I use them when I travel quite a bit along with my Beyer COPs.
  6. h264

    LCD-2 Revisions?

    Actually every individual Lcd-2 sounds a bit different. They are boutique headphones after all. I'd try to find the Rev 3 though since the major change has been to shore up the connector port on each cup. They crack on the earlier revisions.
  7. I have the Xonar Essense STX and the DG. I agree with ShearMe. They all sound the same to me.
  8. I'll just leave this here...
  9. Premiums - Nicer finish, straight cable Pros - Curly cable bout it except the obvious lack of impedance choices, but all of the models sound nearly the same. The 250 Ohm model is fine. Get the Beyers. They're much cheaper, especially the Pros.
  10. Start an emergency fund Save for higher education (e.g electrical engineering) Basically, anything other than spend it all on audio equipment.
  11. h264

    Nice Headphone Stand??

    http://amzn.com/B00AE0IEHM mine
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3A-kD3-wAEc :rolleyes: OH YEAH WE'RE BOSE BIG SOUND SMALL SPEAKERS. It's marketed to jet set baby boomers so they can re-live the "glory days" of WWII or Woodstock or w/e so it's not really appealing to our generation. Basically if you don't feel important or drive a BMW, Bose is probably not marketing to you. So a lot of kids still see them as the "holier than thou" sound company and hate them. I can't blame them.
  13. h264

    JDS Labs C5D Amp DAC

    k, nvm then. I've just noticed on many occasions that certain programs can get really clingy to audio programs and cause them to run out of buffer and skip constantly.
  14. h264

    JDS Labs C5D Amp DAC

    you wouldn't happen to be running McAffee Antivirus by chance?
  15. h264

    HE-500 vs HD 650

    If you want build quality, get a pair of T1s. Or LCD-2s.
  16. The answer: volume. bout it. The long answer is the first few questions on the FAQ. That's the first thread on the audio board if you didn't already know.
  17. OK so April Fools! The real scoop on these headphones is simply that I have never been so disappointed in a headphone. It actually SOUNDS GOOD, but the hiss that the noise canceling portion puts off destroys that entire concept. What a shame, but really, the first thing anybody ever asks me when I show them one of my fancy headphones is: "does it have noise canceling?" So that's not going away anytime soon.
  18. I bought mine from a reputable source. I'm led to believe that the beats by dre have 30% less root vegetables this version.
  19. In my personal - somewhat obsessive - quest to find the world’s most perfect headphones, I have come back around to clearly one of the most famous headphone designs of all time, the beats by Dr. Dre Studio. For those of you who are blissfully unaware, Dr. Dre is a once-famous and often overlooked super-genius of the modern hip-hop world who produced works in the early 90’s before finding ways to make even more money in producing without having to carry a tune, rhyme, or whatever it is a rapper actually does. His other major passion, however, is hi-fi audio reproduction – specifically, speakers. Fortunately for Dr. Dre, his good friend Jimmy Lovine was even smarter and got him to try designing headphones instead. The pair’s amazing engineering collaboration led to this sleek, stylish masterpiece that is the envy of poor white millennials the nation over (Monster? Who’s that?). So, take this moment to gather your jealousness my poor friends, for I am the new proud owner of this piece of audio nirvana. I’ll have you know they’re everything you think they can be, and more. Build quality is excellent. Plush pads are soft on your head and the headphones are extremely light. Lovine and Dre must have made a deal with the devil for such a super-light material that looks exactly like cheap plastic and aluminum but appears unbreakable. The headband is padded and comfortable on your head. There are no screws and the headband snaps with a tepid click. I’m sure I could wear these forever and never knew I had them on. Also, they’re very comfortable around your neck unlike the albatross that is the Audeze LCD-2. Let’s get to the important part now. The sound quality is what makes a Beats by Dre a Beats by Dre. You feel the beats through your whole body, unlike other headphones where you feel nothing but regret for not buying Beats by Dre. The high notes come through loud and clear, without sibilance or timbre. The mid-range is well balanced and subdued. What’s that you say? You heard white noise when nothing is playing? That’s clearly the soundtrack of your life played in reverse, just like the artist hears it when he’s mixing the track in the studio. It’s almost as if the noise canceling feature is possessed by the great Dr. Dre himself. Overall I think no conclusion is necessary. If you don’t own the Beat by Dre Studios yet, you should consider that you’ve never heard any of your music correctly and that only this headphone will make any of it worth your time. In that way, $300 is a small price to pay for audio exceptionalism.
  20. I've tried three other cables and can't make the noise. I tried the other cables for a week, and nothing. Then the stock cable again, and a few minutes later I move the wrong way and it's doing it again.
  21. My pair actually have the same left channel rattling issue, and it's only with the stock cable as I've tried it with a couple others. It seems to be a microphonics issue as it only occurs SOMETIMES when I rub it against a towel or such. I can't make it happen on command, I know that much. Let me know how your RMA goes.
  22. h264

    do i need a dac?

    I'm still here. It's that guy with the poodle avatar that write an essay for every post who does that. The O2 and Magni, like the ODAC and the Modi sound effectively the same, only the magni is louder and you can interpret a whole myriad of differences with volume alone. I'm with Mayflower, just pick up the amp unless you want to use it with a laptop or something.
  23. h264

    On board audio

    And as in the Tom's hardware article, keep in mind I'm just going off the chip spec. Op-amps can have large resistors in front of them, so things may vary brand to brand and board to board. Honestly I should change that in the FAQ to make it more clear. Implementation is everything.
  24. The theoretical EE concept of an amplifier is that no change occurs to the signal except its amplitude (Volume in this case). In practice, it's almost impossible to perfectly achieve, but in audio when an engineer gets close enough we call it "audibly transparent", meaning it is so close our ears and brains won't be able to pick out any differences if we tried. There's more in the FAQ if you're still interested.
  25. I've tried that 3 times and it's worked once. I'm going to go with only works if the head overheated so worth a shot but by no means foolproof.