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    4th Generation Intel® Core™ i3 Processor
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    NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 745 with 4GB DDR3
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    1TB SATA 6Gb/s (7,200RPM) 64MB Cache
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  1. looks like it. Doesn't really matter though, these are likely returned due to the false advertisement of specs.
  2. i like lenovo better (although that super fish ssl issue is worrying). asus support isn't great so I'd only buy components from them.
  3. you probably need to put one of the routers in switch/ap mode so it's not routing and it's all one network. the problem is that two routers are creating two separate networks. EDIT: so.. take the router that is plugged into the 'main' outer and edit settings so that it acts as a SWITCH+AP only. google around for your specific model.
  4. m8 u should w8 for the 390x it will get a r8 of 8/8
  5. im not joking dude i hope ur not
  6. dosent make it have more room than the luxe. As long as you don't want something crazy like 4 360mm radiators the luxe is more than enough for a loop. It will also be better than the h440 for water-cooling because it not only has more space but the h440 has worse airflow due to the restricted intakes.
  7. dude can i join your clan I'm good at trickshots my name is Xx420blazeswagmeisterr69xX on xbox live
  8. u wot the H440 is way smaller than the luxe there is enough room in the luxe for a decent loop.
  9. ROK

    Noctua or Phanteks ?

    Except the industrial noctuas aren't wildly inefficient, don't have a lot of torque and are the same size as the regular noctuas.
  10. well at least you don't see an extra $75 on your bill because you forgot to shut off the internet
  11. ROK

    Throttle Roku?

    look for QoS settings most decent routers have that (aka anything that you didn't get for $20 from the best buy bargain bin)
  12. ROK

    Noctua or Phanteks ?

    what if you change them for the industrial noctuas? then its like buying a ferrari with a V8 and slapping a V12 in there!