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    Hidden Temple
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    The Great Confluence
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    Inai is the first of the celestials, representing the void. He is one of the Hidden Ones, and resides in the Hidden Temple, only emerging to take part in the battle of the Ancients on the mortal plane. Still, he is able to create tears in the Astral Plane, allowing him to traverse through and damage everything in his path. He instructs others, such as Lanaya, to do his bidding, all while remaining hidden to all but a few.

    Now that he has stepped into the mortal realm, Inai seeks to unite with all the other celestials in an event he calls the Great Confluence.
  • Occupation
    Void Instructor


  • CPU
    3950X 16c/32t
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Crosshair VIII X570
  • RAM
    Corsair Dominator Platinum 3200 OC @ 3600/1800 14-14-14-32 1.45V
  • GPU
    1080Ti FTW Hybrid
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    Dell 1440p 165Hz 23.5in
  • Cooling
    Kraken X61
  • Keyboard
    M750 TKL
  • Mouse
    Viper Mini
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  • Laptop
    Macbook Pro 13"
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  1. Could you take a pic of your PC layout?
  2. Is there a silent configuration you can use in the software? Plus you're chip is going as high as 80C so it will automatically run the fans as fast as possible to help get all that heat out.
  3. PSU's are equipped with static fans, it can face down with only little breathing room and it will be fine.
  4. Do you have it fan facing up??? And it depends where the screw is. if you can shake it off to the sides or out, the better -- away from conductive materials.
  5. Not frame capped right? Because LoL is literally a mobile game. Check your config.
  6. Ryzen as of the moment is literally Plug-n-Play. There's a reason most RTX 30 reviews were partnered off with Ryzen CPUs and only one or maybe two Intel chips.
  7. It'll be really choppy with that spec. My 4790K and 1080Ti can barely do Resolve 4K editing. Got a 3950X, 32GB RAM, SAME GPU, flawless and smooth 4k editing. Timeline is extremely responsive, no more frame skips when skimming through the video.
  8. 5950X, Crosshair VIII, Arctic Freezer Liquid II 360 or Open Loop if you want, PCIe4 NVMe M.2.. And that should be it.
  9. OP, sign up for StarLink. Once the hardware beta comes out, you can get it for $300 and try it. I live in Alaska, and most rural areas here are excited for it. ISP's here charges native and rural communities up to $500 a month for unreliable internet. Starlink will only charge you less than a $100/mo IIRC.
  10. Intel stuck at 14nm. It's almost 2021. LMAO Need to reach 5GHz, high usage and high temp just to get a little bit of FPS. YIKES. I was an Intel fanboy until I upgraded to the 3950X recently. Intel's a d*mn ripoff. I feel bad recommending it to people beforehand. Biggest jebaits ever.
  11. 5800X to juice the FPS out of your games. 12c 3900X if you're going to stream or record in high quality or you have tons of apps running and using in the same time as you game. Enjoy man!
  12. Damn. I have a 250........... But what are you trying to get out of this upgrade? More FPS in games or be able to handle huge workload smoothly?
  13. Doesn't matter. Go for the cheapest 1ms glossy one, matte monitors are yuck. And if you're solely playing singleplayer games, I'd say go for the OdysseyG7 for the full immersion.
  14. Literally the reason I got the Crosshair VIII instead of TUF. LMAO.