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  1. building my first gaming pc. so far i am playing on a 15.6" laptop.... all these monitors are the about the same price. they are all 144Hz with Freesync MSI Optix G27CQ4 27'' LED RGB Lenovo G32qc-10 31.5'' Dell UltraSharp S3220DGF 31.5'' i will most probably get a new Nvidia GPU. aiming for playing LoL and Warzone at 2k. and Single player games at 1080p. once i save a bit more ill get a second monitor that i can put on portrait and code.
  2. we don't celebrate christmas in my country and in mid october im on a trip to a vat free zone so i can save about 17%. also i doubt ill find a 2nd hand with usb 3 and type c headers
  3. The PC is for Gaming i have 2 optional cases and i dont know if i should take the cheaper for other parts upgrades: NZXT H710 Matte Black -75$ Lancool One Midi Tower LANONE-D Black Arctic Cooling Freezer 34 +17$ Arctic Cooling Freezer 34 eSports DUO - Red Corsair DDR 4 16G (8Gx2) 3200 CL16 VENGEANCE +16$ DDR 4 16G (8GX2) 3600 CL18 Delta RGB Black TEAM +32$ be quiet! Shadow WINGS 120mm (will put on front) and from JayzTwoCents video i foundi can get 3 fans which are really quiet for 40$ which i guess will be much better than the 1 fan, right? do you think that the extra fan will be make any difference to thermals or noise? or should i just keep the money/upgrade something else?
  4. so from what i understand from this thread is: new 20 series will not drop. the retailers will try to push them as much as they can to get rid of stock. in order to do so the 30 series will cost more in order for the 20 series to be worth it. so bottom line: 2080 used 1 week ~300$, 2080 new ~800$, 3080 ~1500$ sounds right? all i want is a new card for 300$
  5. ok so i tried it using puppylinux that i have. i could not get to the files: pDisk showed that the both drives had 4 partitions and thery were all "linux_raid_something" instead of NTFS/FAT. mdadm told me showed that the drive were both raid 1 but 1 had 4 partitions and 1 had 2 like in windows... and almost every app thrown an error: mount, gnome-disks-utility. fsck would just output it's version. and even if ran fsck.ext2/4 -N -V it didnt recognize any superblocks on the drives (not the i know if it really is using ext 2 or 4).... am i screwed?
  6. i didn't know if i should post this here or on troubleshooting so here is the post: TLDR: trying to access HDD from WD my book world from 2013. but cant assign letters to exsisting partitions and DISKPART says there are no volumes. need to recover the data, preferably with the folder stracture.
  7. its kinda hard... its my book world from before 2013. do you think its possible by using a newer model? are you sure it wont erase the data once it notices a new HDD?
  8. i have an old WD network storage device made from 2x1TB drives that doesn't work anymore. there was an option for RAID 1 but im not sure if i used it. i have alot of data that i must recover from them and i prefer to do so without a data recovery program because i want to maintain the folder heirarchy and not pay 80$ for it, ill do so if there is no other choice... i connected the drives to my pc one after the other and they both looked like this: the context menu wouldn't let me assign a letter to the big partition, so on one of the drives i tried creating another one for testing and made a new simple volume out of the unallocated segment. that changed the drive to this: so i had letters for the partitions which are now all dynamic but couldn't access the drives... i used partition wizard 4.2.2 and revert the drive back to basic and now i have this: during this whole time the CMD:DISKPART told me that it can see the disk and partition but it can't see a volume for it. this is what it sees on the changed drive(c,d are on disks 0,1): i still have 1 drive that have the original 4 basic partitions, also with no volume, and i dont know if it has the same data or not. remo recovery shows me the data and i am now scanning the second drive to see if they are raided or not. can some1 help me? is there a way i can still use the drives like normal without erasing the data?
  9. so my friend told me Intel does giveaway and sales with ALOT of other companies. the giveaways are only in the US i think, it might also apply to sales but if the they are applicable in other countries then please tell me! here is the link :https://gamerdays.intel.com/ discounts run from 5% and from what i saw up to 20%
  10. formally they are prebuilt but technically they are built upon order so i can change whatever i want in the spec. you could say they are custom builds recommended by the store.
  11. here is a photo of all the CPUs GPUs and MOBOs with their prices from the first site i linked. you can use google to convert the currency but generally (rounded a bit): ILS: 1 3.36 600 1400 2200 USD: 0.3 1 180 415 650 and i know, my country freaking suck. but these prices are after tax, vat or w/e. no extra pay. but no windows either. (the laptop i can get for cheap because i can buy it in a no tax zone)
  12. Budget (including currency): 7000 ILS = 2080 USD max, prefer not to keep it under 2000USD Country: Israel Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Mostly Games Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): Background: i currently have and HP Omen from 2016(965m gb,6700hq,16gb@2133) that can run simple and some competitive games (lol great, warzone just barely) so i was looking for a replacement. after a lot of digging i found a good option which is the Legion 7: 10875h, 2070MaxQ, 16@3200MHz, 512SSD, 144Hz GSync Monitor. if i am able to sell my current laptop, with a discount ill have to spend around 6500ILS (1930USD) for this laptop. the other option is to keep this old laptop and buy a PC and all the equipment for it(144Hz monitor 24+in, keyboard, mouse, mic, chair...). my original plan was to get the laptop and use it for heavy gaming for the next 4 years and after that use it for light gaming anywhere, and get a PC for the heavy gaming. the pros and cons are obvious: mobility vs upgradablity. Possible PCs that have been recommended: i've been suggested (custom build for 5350ILS=1591USD): Intel Core i5 10600 Tray Asus TUF GAMING Z490-PLUS GALAX GeForce RTX2060 6GB HyperX FURY Black 2x8GB DDR4 3200MHz CL16 Kit Corsair A500 Dual Fan CPU Cooler XPG 512GB NVMe Gen3x43500/3000 Read/Write Toshiba 1TB 7200 rpm - SATA3 - P300 Series Antec - NE500G - 500W Neo Eco GOLD Zen - 80Plus Gold, 120mm Cougar - Gemini-T i found this (custom for 6150ILS=18300USD): Intel Core i7 10700K Box Asus ROG STRIX Z490-G GAMING Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT PULSE 8GB OC HyperX FURY Black 2x8GB DDR4 3200MHz CL16 Kit Antec A30 CPU Cooler Kingston A2000 M.2 SA2000M8/250G NVMe Western Digital Caviar Black WD1003FZEX 1TB Sata III Antec VALUE POWER Active PFC 12cm 550W 80+ VP550P Plus PSU Retail Sharkoon VG6-W Black RGB ATX Case No PSU and this (for 5190ILS=1543USD): Intel Core i5 10600 Tray Gigabyte Z490 VISION Asus DUAL Radeon RX 5700 EVO OC 8GB Antec A30 CPU Cooler G.Skill Ripjaws V 2x8GB 2400Mhz DDR4 CL15 Kit Kingston UV500 M.2 SUV500M8/240G 240GB SSD Western Digital Caviar Blue 2TB 256MB Sata III WD20EZAZ SeaSonic 500W Active PFC 80+ Bronze SS-500ET PSU Sharkoon TG4 Black / Blue Tempered Glass ATX Case No PSU do you guys have any suggestions? which build is preferred? should i just go for the laptop and be done with it? if i go for the PC, what peripherals would you recommend? i used this site: https://ksp.co.il/?lang=en and this site: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=iw&u=https://www.plonter.co.il/&prev=search&pto=aue
  13. there are links to each laptop i found interesting in the reddit post i linked. though i don't think the site can be viewed in english. may be google translate can help. some of them main ones are zap.co.il - ivory.co.il -- ksp.co.il -- bug.co.il. its ok to just make a recommendation and ill search for an similar spec here or ill just order from abroad. (we have a very limited options compared to north america and the translation will be hell for you)