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  1. I saw an LTT video a few months ago where Linus was saying there was a single USB dongle with bluetooth that you can use with four controllers at the same time like with a raspberry pi and retropie. I've googled but cannot find it. Did I dreamed of it or does it really exist?!
  2. That is an awesome idea, looks like it might be doable with what I'm looking at the moment. I will research this further, thanks a lot for this idea!
  3. That makes sense that the more smaller the camera, the less quality. I also read that the more smaller it is, the more it overheats which is probably why the first one I bought overheated and went dead. I also found this: https://www.peephole-store.com/fixed-on-door/60-dc-1-cb-wifi-pb1.html It's really interesting but absolutely no reviews. Anyone has any thoughts?
  4. Hi, I would think that someone around here has a suggestion about what I'm searching. I've spent lots of hours on this but I find nothing that meets what I need. I would think I'm looking for something that exists but now I'm not so sure. I'm looking for an IP camera with those requirements: - motion detection that will automatically record to a NAS or FTP (like clips of 30 seconds) - provides live streaming that I can watch on my network - has to be wired, no batteries with a long cable at least 5 meters - it can be powered directly from the wall or PoE (I