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  1. wtf where?? i saw the instructions in a but couldn't do it at that moment. and now i can't find anything!
  2. tnx but i already got what modelM recommended
  3. ok so after using the keyboard for a few weeks heres what i found: it is loud. i dont have a reference as i have never used any other mechanical keyboard but i have to tap really carefully in order for it not to be heard the next room while the door is closed (especially the space bar). it feels really good. i actually have a hard time to stop playing games with this keyboard. every key strike fills me with satisfaction. it is responsive - i used to get angry in games when i would press a key and it would not go off or it would be too late and im already dead. the
  4. thank you but i already bought the keyboard 2 days before your recommendation...
  5. i finnally got the rival 3 and the g413 which cost me 54$ and 117$ respectivley after tax and delivery (i fucking hate my country's monopoly). and in as few words as possible: love the mouse, not sure about the keyboard... A bit more words the mouse is really good - its light, nice clicking feedback, comfortable size and shape (first mouse ever that i can comfortable rest my hand on), solid wheel. but the MB6(dpi) is located really far behind and is hard to press mid game (maybe its intentional). the app is nice too. the controls over the buttons and light customization a
  6. thank you very much! i read your post and a bit on the mice and key board, now ill search if i can find them localy and update you on which i will buy and how they feel! by the way, you are the most thorogh and helpfull guy that responded to my dilema! most other people just said "i use microsoft sculpt and its good enough" or just ignored my needs and limits and recommemded things they liked... so again, thank you!
  7. i am looking for a key board and mouse for my new setup as it just so happens that my previous ones kicked the bucket. i read up a bit and asked around and found that logitech g910 + mx518 is a nice combo for me but a bit too expensive(241$ total on amazon). can you guys help me find a cheaper combo? it is for coding and gaming (mostly fps, moba, SP action rpg) for the keyboard: must: numpad, macros (either preset or programmable) prefered: quiet, legs to increase tilt unnecessary: any kind of lighting, arm rest for mouse: must: at least 2 extra keys (beyo
  8. so can i still use that header to connect my cases usb-c port and get it working as a normal usb? because i dont think the connectors match
  9. *attached the specs table* i have Asrock rx 6800 chellenger pro. every time i launched time spy it would crash when started to gpu test 1. (also other gpu stress benchmarks like superposition) after a few days i figured out that the radeon software has tuning options so i checked it out and it showed that default sepcs are over the manufacturer's specs. i changed chenged the specs until it passed the test on 92% frequency(stable in games aswell), but then it also ran ok if i started the test on 94% and then raised it to 100% and even 114%(not in games). even weirder is that
  10. coolermaster hyper 212. i ran cinebench and it went well so i dont think its the cpu as the test that crashed it was for the GPU. cooler master are bad PSUs??
  11. coolermaster 750W gold i have msi afterburner and will download anything that will help but it crashed on launch its a new pc so i downloaded the tests first to check if hardware is fine. so far crashed on timespy gpu test and superposition benchmark on launch. heaven was ok with 2.3k score on 1440p ultra settings(is it good?)
  12. GPU: ASROCK 6800 CHALLENGER PRO (no OC applied) CPU: RYZEN 5600X RAM: CORSAIR VENGEANCE 2x8GB 3600 CL18 MOBO: ASUS PRIME B550-PLUS 1st run: when the gpu test 1 launched the gpu powered off, lost picture and the Q-led for VGA turned on. so i added a power cable to the gpu (1st time had 1 cable with both ports connected). but even after that it did the same when i launched superposition benchmark on "game" tab 2nd run: at launch, lost picture but the gpu fans ramped up to the max and that state just stayed for like 10 minutes until i restarted. i haven
  13. i've read the manual. it only mentions EZ Flash 3 and Carefree bios which are different from BIOS Flashback (mentioned differently on the asus site) what i meant is, even if the website shows that i need a newer BIOS, because the 5600x is the same architecture line as the 3000 series, maybe it can still enter the BIOS. is that possible?
  14. hi, i want to get the b550-plus for my 5600x but i dont know if the mobo supports the cpu right from the get go or not. if not, is it still possible to update the bios without another AM4 cpu? (i have only the 5600x and no one else to ask for another)) will i be able to at least enter the bios with that cpu? (for example 4 core mode)
  15. I plan on buying NZXT H710 case which has 2xUsb-A and 1xUsb-C on the front. I was planning on buying either the Gigabyte B550 Gaming x or the Asus Prime B550-PLUS. the first one has: 2 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports available through the internal USB header 6 x USB 2.0/1.1 ports (2 ports on the back panel, 4 ports available through the internal USB headers) the ASUS has: 1 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 header supports additional 2 USB 3.2 Gen 1 2 x USB 2 headers supports additional 4 USB 2 ports (copied from manuals) can I connect th