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  1. So lately, my pc that i built abt a month ago is looking a bit bland. I honestly wanted rgb everything but couldnt get rgb items like ram, mobo, etc because it would cost a lot more. Im thinking of watercooling and wondered if it was worth it for my specs? Its for aesthetics really, and i will be doing hardline tubing. But the thing is.. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE PARTS ARE TO WATERCOOL A PC! HELP PLEASE BTW IM IN AUSTRALIA! My current spces: Ryzen 5 2600 Rtx 2060 super MY PC PS: If you have any advie please just comment it! BTWWW TAHNKS! Thanks*
  2. I understand about ur situation but if u do sell it on ebay for example the value for it will be incredibly low due to the competition u have so youll require to add like an extra $100 when buying the rtx 3070!
  3. If u cant wait i say go for it! But if u can, wait for rtx 3070 and 4th gen ryzen. Also if u are gonna be upgrading i recommended a b550 board and also get a better psu, u dont want to fry your pc Lmao
  4. Lately i've been thinking of why Asus dosent make matx boards for Amd. I find it extremely weird as they have made one for intel and not amd. Anyone know why or any other information regarding to this topic? Here is a link of the intel version of Rog mobo. https://www.amazon.com.au/ASUS-ROG-Z490-G-Motherboard-Bluetooth/dp/B087YTNRKN/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=z490+g&qid=1601270565&sr=8-2#customerReviews
  5. sorry i dont understand what u mean by "cooling system"?
  6. @myselfollithank you for the help, it looks like i need a splitter as i only have 1 audio jack thing, appreciate ur help ty
  7. @myselfolli I have turned it on so i can acess microphone but it still isnt working, know any other ways?
  8. Hello LTT fans, I recently just build my first pc a week ago, on the 1st September and for some reason my mic isn't working. I have updated all my drives and even rednloaded them but seems it dosen't fix the problem. BTW i use a mic that is attached on my headeset Please help i really want to call on discord with my friends so i can clap noobs online, thanks P.S The headset i use is the Hyperx Cloud Stinger Core
  9. @Syn. thatnks ! sorry for not doing it i have never owned apc LOL
  10. Can also someone help? My mic isn't getting deteced on discord, new to windowes 10 came from mac and from laptop
  11. Hello, i have been wanting to owna pc for ages. Just recently build it 30 mins ago here are the specs rtx 2060 super, ryzen 5 2600, 16gb cl16 3200 and asus prime b450 a mobo Thank you for viewing this, here are some images
  12. @nox_ I went to gmmk's web but when i refreshed the tab the price converted to Aud and it was $150 I was shocked as i've never seen this brand before
  13. @gloop do u think this is good? https://www.amazon.com.au/HyperX-Alloy-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard/dp/B076BYZJFT/ref=sr_1_23?dchild=1&keywords=HyperX+Alloy+FPS&qid=1597839395&s=computers&sr=1-23
  14. @nox_ Its 150 ;/ and its costs $20 to ship here
  15. So Im looking on building a new system now but all i need is a keyboard. Im in Australia and my budget is $100 AUD It must be mechanical and preferably from a reputable like Logitech, razer etc. Please NO CORSAIR