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  1. As I mentioned earlier, buying used is not an option, but still I will try my best to find one. Any suggestions for new GPUs? Also should I wait for 3060 release?
  2. @SupaKomputa Do you have any GPU suggestions on AMD's side?
  3. Thanks for the link. Also, I read that nuke supports GPU accelerated rendering. Should this affect my choice of GPU?
  4. My uncle said his work PC at his office had an i9 and he wants a cheaper but somewhat similarly performing machine. So I think 3600 is out of our way. Or is it? I chose Ryzen 7 over i7 because I thought Nuke will be a primarily multi threaded workload. But you said So now , is it still a good choice or should I switch to i7?
  5. Thank you, We had planned on using a Ryzen 7 3700x. Are the cost savings by going with 3600 significant enough? I'm living in India and it has the worst used PC parts market. There is literally no used GPU for sale in my city. So buying used is not an option. Should I wait for 3060 release? My uncle said he can wait for 1-2 months if necessary.
  6. I am helping my uncle in building a workstation PC, and we hit a roadblock while choosing graphics card for it. My uncle is a VFX animator and he works with a software called Nuke x11. His budget is 250-300$ for the Graphics card alone. Yeah, It's an ultra budget build. Please suggest some good graphics cards in this price point for VFX works. Should I go with Quadro or Geforce cards or Go AMD.? I am not familiar with quadro cards. I know 1600 super/2060 will be a good choice if this was a gaming build but i lack expertise in choosing graphics cards for this purpose. Please help. Thanks in advance. (:
  7. If it is a small file, there are many online sites where you can merge audio and video, just google "audio video merger ".
  8. It costs about 40$ less 3600x - 260$ 3600 -220$ Thats converted local pricing
  9. I found deals on local online stores where I could get a ryzen 7 2700X and a ryzen 5 3600X for the exact same price. Which one should I choose? Please help. Thanks in advance.
  10. Yes, kind of. Turning it on/off doesn't matter as much as how much time it stays on and how much time you use it. Typically in a NAS more drives will spinning in close proximity to one another leading to increased vibrations and some interference in magnetic field(I'm not sure of the second one though). So, the longer you run it, the more is your probability of drive failure. If you plan on using it for many hours a day, get a NAS drive. Moreover , you will be better off with a RAID 1 configuration for the important data alone provided your budget allows it. Get NAS drives only if having a RAID configuration is not possible at all.
  11. If you plan on storing very sensitive and important data, where losing it is a nightmare for you, I would suggest going with ironwolf or wd red for that data alone, please note that having the data in a RAID configuration (other than RAID 0) of baracuda hdds is safer, implement it if your budget allows for it. If the data is not of very high importance, just get regular hdds. Will your NAS be always powered ON? How many hours will you use it on a daily basis?