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  1. If u ever find it in the asus store please do inform me.
  2. I checked amazon and there was a retailer that I could find , but I prefer buying from the official asus store. I'm not buying it now , I will be buying it later this year or after the pandemic ends. In case it's out of stock from those retailers , I wanted to know if the original model will teturn on the asus store. Any idea? Thanks for your help btw.
  3. Yes, but I'm living in India. Shipping is not available.
  4. When I visit the asus store ans search for the Zephyrus G14 ,I can no longer find the the original model. The website shows 2 models. One downgraded model at 1300 usd with gtx 1660ti max q and ryzen 7 And another more expensive model at 2000 usd with anime matrix being the only difference from the original model. At 1500usd the original g14 was a great value and I was planning on buying it for college. Now if I visit the page using browser history, the store says the page is removed (Its not even mentioned as temporarily sold out, the entire model is scraped) Will the original g14 return? Please help me out
  5. Yes I did try this. It works properly every once in 5 times I switch on the tv(power restart)
  6. I have Sony Bravia KDL 43W950C. After I updated android a few days back, youtube is stopped working properly. It launches, loads all the thumbnails properly, but after I click on a video, it plays for one second and freezes, if I skip to the middle of the video, it plays one second and then stops again. TV is my primary source of entertainment right now, so please guide me if you know any fixes for my problem.
  7. Ok I will consider buying something else then . Anyways there is plenty of time left. Thanks for the advice btw.
  8. Indian roads are bad. So bad that even a stock bmw 3 series will scratch the ground very often
  9. That was a hypothetical "my car". Just for the sake of questioning. I can't even drive legally in my country. Im 17
  10. Actualy it's my friends' so idk much abt it. I'm looking forward to buying it after I finish college. I was just curious Anyways thanks
  11. Its a bmw 330i sportline 2019. Is that cost including installation?