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  1. Retired after nearly 35 years of heavy truck and equipment diesel mechanics only to start a new trade of maintence mechanics at a city fresh water plant.
  2. So whadda you think? Not bad for a decade old+ CPU (Intel i7-990x). Slowly sneaking up on a i7-7700k...
  3. There is obvious flex occuring in the MB, and I've seen worse on his other videos. But why take the chance?
  4. It's a 2008 Dell XPS 730X H2C, the predecessor to the Alienware series. (actually I installed an Alienware MB in it) And yes, capable of a full gigabyte speeds (10-100-1000). Relevant?, Running a i7-990x and twin 980 gpu cards, she's still quite capable. Interesting enough that Firewire was discontinued in 2013, so not that antique.
  5. And you didn't even razz me about the ps/2 connection ports... Tsk...tsk
  6. Originally designed and built as a dedicated gaming rig that came with Windows Vista (circa 2008).
  7. My Dell XPS 730X motherboard has two ethernet connection ports. What is the purpose of this configuration?
  8. Dell XPS 730X (circa 2008) X58 Alienware platform running a Intel i7-990X on Windows 10. Still one of the most aesthetic cases ever built IMHO. The 30 inch 3007wfp-hc about the same age also...
  9. My pet peeve with Linus?.... assembling a motherboard on surfaces such as the empty box the MB came which allows the motherboard to flex downward. Watching him shove in ram in as the MB bows like boomerang makes my skin crawl. Broken or cracked solder joints anyone? Stressed tracer paths? Come on Linus, pay attention to the details! https://j.gifs.com/p83DAm.mp4
  10. Ok, after re-reading your post I now understand that you want to remove fluids using a pump. At first read it sounded like it was pushing fluids (also know as pumping) out the dipstick and coolant reservoir... Sorry. I will say that drawing the engine oil out thru the dipstick is not the best way as wear particles and sludge tends to settle in the bottom of the oil pan and can only really be removed by way of the oil drain plug. Either way, be sure the engine oil is up to operating temperature before trying to drain or pump it out. Running the engine and having the oil at operating temperature helps to stir up and suspend wear particles into the oil rather than just collecting on the bottom of the oil pan.
  11. Purchased a sealed new old stock Windows 7 retail version that comes with both the 32 & 64 bit discs. Out of curiosity question is, can both the 32 & the 64 be loaded on two different computers using just the one product key? Or will the product key be good for only one system? (The one I want to use the 32 bit on is an older HP Pavilion dv9000 Altec Lansing laptop that was my Father's and in still perfect condition. I always thought of this laptop as a rival to the Dell XPS L702X.)
  12. Most likely a blown head gasket. A cylinder compression test will give an indication.
  13. Understood. The key should be a valid key, but it comes back as not, although after I entered it, the warning went away and now states three days till automatic verification. I think that may have something to do with allowing the Windows Updates to go thru and then it rechecks the softwares status. Other than that, it boots and loads perfectly. Thanks again for the help!
  14. Amazing! Works perfectly! Thank you. Only hang up was the Product Key was not recognized. Currently trying to fix that issue.
  15. Is there a way to clone just the operating system off a hard drive? I have several Window 7 hard drives which in their current configuration won't fully boot into windows on my desktop because of hardware incompatibilities. Is there a way to clone just the Windows 7 OS and start out like a clean install on another computer? My desktop is an older Dell XPS 730X for which Windows 10 is slowly phazing out with every update, so I would like to have a drive with W7 for when that day comes.
  16. An "Oh Shit" moment... My 2005 Victory Vegas fell off the lift wedging itself perfectly between my "95 Ultra Classic and zero turn lawn mower. I had a lift jack underneath it, but removed it the night before and failed to secure the bike with straps. Low air pressure in the front tire allowed it to slip out of the front tire vise. Amazingly, it fell on a new set of truck tires which cushioned the fall and the bike never touched the floor, the other bike or zero turn. Nothing damaged but my pride.
  17. Anything on Grainger is way overpriced to begin with.
  18. Something I ran across from a 25 year Microsoft engineer.... "Fun fact, a wireless mouse’ batteries will last longer when the mouse is used on a light colored surface as opposed to a dark one. That black Slayer mouse pad is eating your batteries"
  19. Rocketdog2112

    cat thread

    My Manx Gracie "The Huntress"...
  20. Looking to purchase a large rectangular mouse pad to cover the front half of my desk. I see them made out of materials such as wool, PU leather, rubber, ect. What material would produce the best mouse action with minimal wear to the mouse? (Logitech G Pro wireless)