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  1. The MECH 15 G3 is way behind on shipping.. What about the S15 with liquid metal? I can get that within a week.. Ignore the GPU power for now, I want the best laptop lol.
  2. The 2080 Super Max Q gets better results than my 2070 Max P GE75..I'll take a look at his review but I don't think it's near a 2060.. If I go with a max q laptop I want the best.. I have an m17 r3 2080 super max p but want to downgrade to a 15" display to be more portable..
  3. Is the Legion 7i worth waiting up to 5 weeks (that's estimated shipping time on their website)? That's the one I really want and I almost just want to pull the trigger on the one that ships the next day but it's not really the specs I want.. Which are 10750h and 2070 Super Max q. I wanted to get the 10980HK or 10875H with maybe a 2080 Super.. Does the Legion 7i really have superior cooling with their vapor chamber? Reviews says it does, even Linus says it's great. Hardware Canuks says it's the fastest laptop they've ever tested.. Is this just Hype like most marketing shit? Is the GE66 nearly as good? If it's going to run a lot hotter than I don't want it.. Any help on this guys?????? The MECH 15 G3 seems cool but it's a little thicker..
  4. Is there a reason I should use the foam tho? I figured the silicone will keep the liquid metal from spilling or running onto the motherboard.. But everywhere I look I see foam dams around the CPU/GPU die recommended.. Does the CPU/GPU need to breathe or is solid silicone just fine to keep the liquid metal from escaping? I'm doing this on my m17 r3 laptop..
  5. I applied LM first and then ended up with Kryonaut because I kind of ran out of LM. I tried to use 1g between both CPU and GPU and it just turned out not to be enough. I'll be going back to liquid metal but instead of using a foam damn I'm considering using silicon as it can tolerate extreme heat and it will mold perfectly when I seal everything up.. Any thoughts on this? I haven't seen it suggested anywhere but I'm a contractor and use it every day and don't see an issue with it..
  6. Do you put thermal paste on both sides of the shim? Do you think this is between regular paste and LM or just equivalent to paste?
  7. OK thanks! I don't think my heatsink is close to my CPU die because the temps aren't as good as they should be and I used a good amount (1g between GPU and CPU). Guess I'll order more and open it up again to see how the contact is being made..
  8. I used Kryonaut on my m17 r3 and didn't learn about the pump out effect until afterwards. Should I be worried? Will it happen soon? When it does happen, what paste should I go with that reduces this effect the most but still good for temps? Arctic Silver? MX-4?
  9. I ended up changing it to Kryonaut because apparently I didn't have enough LM. It worked pretty well but I wasn't getting much better results.
  10. So I disassembled my m17 r3 and applied liquid metal exactly how Linus did in his video but my laptop shuts down due to throttling.. I didn't want to use too much and he says not to.. Should I add more to try and make contact or will it run out and fry my board? Should I just repaste with Kryonaut?
  11. I have Kryonaut and Conductonaut right in front of me but the I have the enthusiast in me screaming to just do liquid metal lol.. I REALLY want to, but I also can't really afford to just replace the $3k laptop.. Is nail top coating good enough because I don't have conformal coating..
  12. Hey guys, So I wanted Linus's videos about liquid metal on laptops and I'm about to take the leap. I understand the risks but have a couple questions that hopefully someone can help me out with.. Can I use nail polish top coating instead of conformal coating? I've seen it mentioned a few times but want to make sure as I'm about to start the tear down now. and Should I use both electrical tape and conformal coating? Any tips or advice??? Thanks!!!
  13. Take your pick.. Select one with the features you want/desire. Look at header placement and consider RGB headers, if you're into that. Almost any board will do just fine. I like the Taichi, personally, because of the USB 3 and type c header location..
  14. So get gsync? No reason not to, right? Not sure why they have an option against it if it doesn't consume more battery..
  15. Thanks! I'll call when they're open tomorrow and see if they can change it. I guess now the question is should I get the 144hz option with gsync and if so can I turn it off to save battery when/if I need to? It's usually plugged in wherever I take it so not a huge concern.. Thanks for the help!
  16. Gimmick or not, it'll help when it comes time to resell it. And still got it cheaper than any other 2080 super max p laptop you can get. I don't mind going to 144hz ONLY if the lunar light option isn't a good idea. The dark side of moon only comes in 144hz at the moment and response time goes from 3ms to 9ms (which is probably worse than advertised). If I use it indoors with clean hands, will it be an issue or I'm not understanding what you're saying?
  17. I just bought the M17 R3 in Lunar White because it's the only option available for the 300hz display but now I'm wondering if I'll have problems with discoloration? I thought the color would be ok until I saw a few posts on reddit showing that it can turn yellow or discolor and I really don't want that happening and if it's a common problem I guess I'll change it to Dark Side of Moon.. Anyone have experience with it? Should I just keep it? I don't have oily skin and I always wash my hands before using my computers..
  18. I want a laptop to move between home and RV. We're traveling a bit at the moment.. I have a desktop ill rebuild when zen 3 comes out..
  19. No.. I'm sorry but I don't think that's correct. The 2070 is 115w with lower clocks, cores, etc and the 2080 is 150w with more everything. The 2070 Super might be 5-10% better but shouldn't the 2080 be ~20% better? All max p cards. This is what I couldn't find online the other day so I'm a bit confused myself.. I know the performance increase after the 2060/2070 isn't really worth it but it can't be that bad?
  20. I haven't been able to really find many reviews for the performance difference and the price goes up a crazy amount lol. How much better do you think the 2080 150w GE75 is over the 2070 model I have? I can get a good used one for the same price I paid for the 2070. I'll only be losing the 10750h to 9750h but I'll have 32GB ram instead of 16.. Seems better than a 2070 Super max p right?
  21. Just want the best performance. The 2070 model I have is actually pretty damn good and handles the ultrawide pretty well.. I'm just never happy lol.
  22. I want to buy a high quality laptop, not just the best specs for the price. I think I only want a 17 inch but! I'll consider other options.. I want a minimum of a 2070 Super, preferably max p. 2080 Super would be ideal as I plug into a 1440p UW when home. I want the best performance and decent cooling over build quality but I'd like to not sacrifice anything if possible. So far I'm thinking one of the following: Alienware m17 r3 MSI GE75 Eluktronics MAX 17 Asus Scar 17 Gigabyte Aorus 17G Aorus 17X Sager w/2070 Super Etc.. I already have a GE75 10sf with a 2070 that I'll be selling, so far I really do like the GE75 but I'm not sure how it'll hold up over time? I was not considering Alienware at first until I realized they're using the max p 2070/2080 Supers. They appear to be some of the thinnest laptops with those GPUs specifically. It looks like they upgraded the cooling and voltage regulation for the GPUs so I'm not sure if they'll have thermal issues like last gen.. I also can't believe they're practically the same price as the MSI and Asus, I wasn't expecting that. Which should I go for? Alienware, MSI or Asus? Not worried about memory being soldered on Alienware as I'll get 32GB anyway. Or should I save money and just get the Eluktronics MAX 17 with 2070 Super max p? If I go the cheaper route, Eluktronics or Sager? Is the Gigabyte with mechanical switches worth the Super high premium that come with the 17G and 17X? Please throw out other options that I can't think of or don't know about. I'm thinking of spending $2,700 before taxes. Thanks!
  23. Does that yield the same bandwidth as 3.0 x16 or is it limited to 3.0 x8? Curious because of the new B550 Aorus Master. If I use NVMes on all three slots, I believe it puts the GPU in x8 mode but I'm wondering if the card gets the full 4.0 x8 bandwidth or if it's cut down to 3.0 x8? The cards have to be 4.0 themselves to get the full bandwidth, right?