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  1. I've had 3 different Gigabyte RTX 30 series cards. 1 3060Ti Gaming OC Pro, 3070 Vision and now I'm currently using an Aorus Master 3070. Gigabyte have slapped big heatsinks on all of these cards, Aorus Master with the biggest. I was surprised by how aggressive the stock vbios fan curve is, Gigabyte/Aorus obviously know how bad the cooling is so they've made the fans spin up much faster to kind of remedy it at the cost of extra wear to the fan bearing and more noise. Let me describe my experience. I've had 3 RTX 3070 cards, 1 FE, 1 Vision and 1 Aorus Master. Currently using t
  2. Does anyone know if I can get MSI ab to boot on startup for non admin users on my pc? My brother uses the pc to play on his account and he's a standard user. Don't want him running random exe files so UAC has to stay on I've tried the elevated shortcut UAC bypass method but it only allows me to use it on my admin account. It won't run on a standard user acc I've got an undervolt profile for my 3070 and I want it to be running for all users Is there a specific setting I need to set in the scheduled task for it run for any user, regardless if they're admin or standar
  3. Why would I want more dust in my PC? I specifically mentioned that the case hasnt got filters on the intakes and was asking about the dust build up inside the case
  4. Hello everyone, I'm currently in the market for a new case and the new Phanteks Airflow cases peaked my interest, mainly because of the glowing reviews from Gamers Nexus and other YouTubers. I'm looking at the P360A in particular but it apparently doesn't have any dust filter on the front intake mesh. My PC setup is in my bedroom so dust is a concern. Owners of this case, or similar cases from Phanteks, how fast does the dust build up/how bad is it inside the case? How often would I need to be using my CompuCleaner to clear it out? If you have other case rec
  5. The RTX 3070 and 3060 Ti both have the GA104 chip except the one in the 3060 is cut down with 1024 less Cuda cores, which is just over a 17% difference, and 8 less RT cores. From benchmarks I've seen, the 3060 Ti is usually only 5 to 10 FPS behind the 3070. Is there any reason that warrants spending £100 more for a 3070? And this brings me to my main question; with driver and game optimisations, will the extra 1024 CUDA cores prove to be useful in the future, ie will the gap between them increase?
  6. Thank you for the information. The Corsair TX650M was my first choice but i I couldnt find it in stock anywhere. However it looks like Currys is back up and it is in stock for 80 so I'll buy it from there. Thank you https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing-accessories/components-upgrades/power-supplies/corsair-tx650m-semi-modular-atx-psu-650-w-10191168-pdt.html This is the one right? I heard there's a V2 but idk the difference
  7. Im looking for a new power supply because my current one is group regulated and apparently that can reduce the life span of my hardware so I'd like to replace it. I'm looking for a 600w to 750w PSU. I've been looking through different online retailers and cross referencing with the PSU Tier List on LTT. I found the Pure Power 11 600W for £80 but it's the fully wired version, the semi modular version (CM in model name) is in Tier B. Is the wired version the same thing? If not what's the difference? If you have any recommendations for a PSU around £70 to £80 and above 600W and can ha
  8. When choosing my monitor resolution and refresh rate through the Nvidia control panel, the max refresh rate option is capped to 120Hz if I want to use 1080p native. But if I scroll down the list of resolutions to the PC section and I choose the 1080p option that doesn't say native, then it will let me use 144hz. I am using a 1080p 144Hz Freesync monitor (Viewsonic XG2405), advertised as gsync compatible. Gsync seems to work since it lets me enable it in the control panel and the refresh rate of the monitor does change with fps. Using displayport 1.4 with a VESA verified dp cable an
  9. I have a 3060 Ti coming soon and I'd like to overclock my R5 2600 to reduce bottlenecking because I play at 1080p. I want to know how to maximise my results. AFAIK there's 2 ways to go about overclocking, through the BIOS or through Ryzen Master. I also know that if I go through the BIOS then it'll be an all core oc but with RM I can do per core overclocks as well as all core. If I was to do it with RM could I achieve a higher performance boost to gaming with a Per Core OC by setting the clock for 'best' cores higher and then lower the others? Say 4.2GHz for the best and then 4GHz
  10. Unfortunately I can't go to my local PC World to touch up the keyboards to test the switches because of covid
  11. I'm looking at the Drevo Calibur V2 TE for the Outemu Blue. Is that cheap quality?
  12. I could use some help deciding which kind of keyboard to get. From my research it looks like Outemu and Gateron both make Cherry MX clones. I see that the Gateron keyboards are slightly more expensive than those with Outemu, about a £10 to £20 premium. Which company makes the best in regards to tactile feel, sound, and most importantly long durability/reliability?