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  1. So I made a post about the 5900X when I had it and I had some of the best performance out there. Now I have a 5600X (traded up to grab a 6900 XT to play with) and maybe this information might be useful to someone.. Using PBO in combination with the Curve Optimizer results in the best performance you can possibly get out of the new Ryzen 5000 series CPUs. This has been my experience with the 5900X I had and now the new 5600X I'm using. Check my previous post if you want to see my post about the 5900X (most of this stuff applies to all 5000 series). This has made all core
  2. On my MSI, there are two places for PBO as well. What I found out is that one place just adjusts it in the other place. The primary source for PBO seems to be under "AMD Overclocking." Either spot should yield the same results but just in case, make sure both spots are tuned the same.
  3. That is the max but my older MSI BIOS allowed lower numbers for some reason, whether they did anything or not, I don't know lol. That one is nice lol. I could only do 4.7GHz all core but I was able to play with and run some benchmarks by overclocking per CCD, 4.9GHz and 4.8GHz. Wasn't stable, though. But you might have better luck instead of doing all core..
  4. Nailed it! Looks like the r9 390 that I see online, thanks so much! They don't seem to know much about computers, the picture they sent of the AMD control panel said 6800 xt. Hopefully they can clarify things, but it doesn't look good lol.
  5. Hey, I'm trying to buy a 6800 XT from a local seller and they're claiming this is a 6800 XT that came inside their prebuilt. I can't find a picture online to verify what it is.. Anyone know? The price is very reasonable but it's a two hour drive so I would hate to waste the time to find out it's not a 6800 XT when I get there lol.
  6. What about using an Aptx Low Latency dongle to connect your bluetooth headphones? I just discovered this while browsing reddit and I'm kind of curious but haven't done much research on it yet.
  7. I've never used a good air cooler as I went straight to AIOs and custom loops when I started building about 3 years ago. But right now I have a cheap $70 240 Cooler Master AIO (until I do another custom loop when I get 68(9)00 XT) and I'm barely hitting 70C while gaming for hours, mostly Warzone, MW, and Apex. I'm honestly surprised how cool it's keeping my 5900X, but I also think I got pretty decent silicon. I'll check my temps while running r20/r23 and report back, but like the other guy (girl?) said, AIOs take longer to reach equilibrium, so gaming is really the only good way t
  8. Glad it helped you! I haven't bothered with it much more since, I actually backed off slightly in favor of stability. Latest BIOS on my MSI B550 decreases performance and boost clocks, BIOS version definitely plays a role as well. I reverted to the previous one.
  9. Is this a brand new build? Did you replace any parts or is this the first time they're all being used?
  10. Would I lose any audio quality by using my type c earbuds (from my galaxy s20) for gaming on my PC? I haven't tried them yet but I'm just curious as I've been wanting to try earbuds for FPS games as I read they're great for hearing footsteps. I know the audio port on the front of my case is connected to the onboard audio built into the motherboard (B550 Gaming Carbon) but I have no clue about the USB ports. I guess I can also try my Corsair HS60 USB dongle and just use a USB A to USB C adapter? MERRY CHRISTMAS
  11. I would just do an all core overclock through the BIOS. That's what I did when I had my 2600X. I think I had 4.275MHz stable as a daily OC. Results vary per chip so do some testing.
  12. Only reason to upgrade would be if you wanted or needed more cores. If your CPU isn't limiting your experience then I think you'll be fine for a while. Wait another gen or two so you'll see a bigger uplift in performance.
  13. After doing tons of research, I chose Kaihl Box Whites on my new keyboard and I'm damn happy I did. Just watch a couple YouTube videos and you'll see (or hear) the difference. I would also take Gateron Blues over Cherry MX. Glad I got a hotswap board, so I can play with other ones, too (not Cherry MX lol). Everyone has their own preference, though. But there's no way in hell Cherry MX is worth more than Gaterons or Kaihl Box switches if you're looking for a keyboard. They may have BEEN the best at one point, but that time has come and gone.