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  1. I grabbed the Leadex III Gold as it seems to be the best 850w unit under $150. Quick question, though, I have an RM850 (newer model non x) in my system with a 3090 currently. Which should I use in my system and which for mining 2-3 GPUs (3080s and 3070s)? I'm sure it probably doesn't matter but thought I'd ask.. The Toms Hardware said something about the RM850 supporting some Windows feature to allow faster boots so maybe just keep that installed?
  2. I should of been more specific, I'm sorry. See my previous reply. I'll be mining a few GPUs and just want to make sure it's adequate. I assumed the sticky would be ideal to look at for one or two GPU systems used primarily for gaming, but maybe it's good for everything?
  3. 850w, sorry. Mining yes. I'll keep my 3090 in my primary system and probably run 2x 3070s and 1x 3080 for now on the Leadex III. CPU shouldn't pull much.
  4. Looking at the Leadex III for $129 on sale at Newegg, anything else I should consider? Will be running 2-3 GPUs on it. Can increase budget if necessary. Thanks!
  5. That's what I was wondering, thanks! Is there anything I can do to try and fix it? Like can it be a temperature problem or something? It worked fine before I mailed it out and now all of a sudden it doesn't work, which I understand can happen but I want to try lol.
  6. Hey guys! So I'm trying to test a 1080 TI (Aorus) that I received in the mail after selling it to someone who said it doesn't work. It worked before I sent it out. My primary GPU in this PC is also a 1080 Ti Gaming X so drivers should be the same? Now when I try only this new GPU I can get to windows but there's artifacts all over on the screen. Says there's no drivers installed so I tried installing through GeForce without deleting the old. No display and can't get the PC to get through the loading screen when it does show something.
  7. Like previously said, that's almost every board between B550 and X570. For B450/X470, you'll have to check the specs of the board. If you want a good recommendation then grab a B550 Tomahawk if you don't need wifi or the B550 Edge Wifi / Gaming Carbon if you do need wifi.
  8. I agree about the 10X, I lowered it to 1X because I was having issues in Warzone and I think that was it. The memory timings yield 55ns in Aida64 and passes memtest86, so I don't find it that strange. I can't run 16-16-16-16-36 with this Micron E Die like you can with Samsung B Die, but nonetheless, it performs great!
  9. So I made a post about the 5900X when I had it and I had some of the best performance out there. Now I have a 5600X (traded up to grab a 6900 XT to play with) and maybe this information might be useful to someone.. Using PBO in combination with the Curve Optimizer results in the best performance you can possibly get out of the new Ryzen 5000 series CPUs. This has been my experience with the 5900X I had and now the new 5600X I'm using. Check my previous post if you want to see my post about the 5900X (most of this stuff applies to all 5000 series). This has made all core
  10. On my MSI, there are two places for PBO as well. What I found out is that one place just adjusts it in the other place. The primary source for PBO seems to be under "AMD Overclocking." Either spot should yield the same results but just in case, make sure both spots are tuned the same.
  11. That is the max but my older MSI BIOS allowed lower numbers for some reason, whether they did anything or not, I don't know lol. That one is nice lol. I could only do 4.7GHz all core but I was able to play with and run some benchmarks by overclocking per CCD, 4.9GHz and 4.8GHz. Wasn't stable, though. But you might have better luck instead of doing all core..
  12. Nailed it! Looks like the r9 390 that I see online, thanks so much! They don't seem to know much about computers, the picture they sent of the AMD control panel said 6800 xt. Hopefully they can clarify things, but it doesn't look good lol.
  13. Hey, I'm trying to buy a 6800 XT from a local seller and they're claiming this is a 6800 XT that came inside their prebuilt. I can't find a picture online to verify what it is.. Anyone know? The price is very reasonable but it's a two hour drive so I would hate to waste the time to find out it's not a 6800 XT when I get there lol.