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  1. It's Nice to see that Zotac is making strides in the Graphics card market. I had a 660ti AMP! edition. great card. When I recently upgraded to a 970 all the Zotac cards were sold out, everywhere. I had to go with EVGA instead. But I like Zotac and when upgrade time rolls around again in two years I will defiantly see what they have to offer.
  2. *tears up* I cannot believe the community has come this far... it's amazing really...
  3. I don't know about the second issue... but here is my two bits (lol) on the first issue I believe you are experiencing coil whine or EMI (electro-magnetic Interference). Coil whine can be from a few sources; most notably the GPU and power supply. If it is a "Budget" PSU this would be the first thing I would check (I know you said the "buzzing" was from your Headset). If you are using audio drivers that utilize your GPU (I know Nvidia uses these) then I would see if the buzzing persist across multiple games. If it does try a different driver. (maybe Beta drivers?) If it is EMI, the audio on your motherboard may be to blame (or possibly the headset itself). To sum it up: See if the buzzing persists across a variety of games and other applications. Best Regards, Skyehawk
  4. Ooh, seeing all that space is beautiful. Thank you guys for all of your help.
  5. Just an update... Here is what I get when I run Space Sniffer. The pagefile.sys(31.8GB) & the HibererFile.sys(23.9GB) are the largest. ^this is the hibernation files... but that still leaves my windows install at around 50GB...
  6. Hello, I recently upgraded to an SSD and added some more RAM to my PC. I bought a 128GB SSD (Samsung 840 Pro) and 16GB of additional RAM (For a total of 32GB [video editing]). When I installed Windows 7 Ultimate (same price as pro at the time) the final file size, before I added any files, drivers, utilities, or programs was about 80GB. I installed the same copy of Windows again to see if the file size shrank, it didn't. I know this size is about 6-8 times too large for the actual install size of Windows 7 Ultimate. This size is a problem on a 128GB SSD (most of my files and programs are installed on an additional HDD.) When I add up all of the files on the SSD (including hidden) it adds up to (about) 16GB; as opposed to the properties where it says 80GB. In regard to my settings and such: I am not using any form of hibernation; I am completely formatting the SSD and removing partitions before I re-install windows; I am installing windows off of a non-retail copy disk (ISO file burned to disk, it seems to work fine.); Windows installs in about 45min-60min. In a nutshell: The windows install is much larger than it should be. Any help would be much appreciated. Best Regards, Skyehawk
  7. The pro is more robust, I would go with the pro over the evo.
  8. +1 vote Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme
  9. Hello, I recently purchased the Samsung 840 pro 128gb for my boot drive (I went with the PRO flavor instead of the EVO because I wanted higher build quality.) I have been using only HDD, so I am used to a lot of space on my C: drive. instead of trimming my current 500gb boot drive down past 128gb and cloning it, I decided to upgrade my computer some more, add 16gb of RAM (32gb total [relax, I will use all of it: video editing].) So, therefor I needed to upgrade from home premium. With windows 7 ultimate being about the same price as pro, I jumped on that, now I have a fresh install of windows to do. Now, here lies my problem, I have a 1tb storage drive in addition to my smaller 500gb boot drive. I am worried that once I install my copy of ultimate, and plug my 1tb storage drive in, that I will have to format the 1tb drive when I reconnect it to the system. In short: when I reattach my storage HDD after a clean install of a DIFFERENT copy of windows will my storage HDD have to be formatted? Thanks for everybody's help.
  10. Ok, update time. I am taking my time with the build and I am waiting until better hardware appers; with thunderbolt. I will post picks. The rads for the Ares II will go on the bottom and the cpu on the top. I would still like suggestions so keep them comming. :)
  11. Workstation Boards are very robust. But they lack the gaming speed I desire here. I think I will wait until the Ivy Bridge Extreme edition prosessor comes out in July-August. There is no official word on the details of this prossessor, it might have 6 cores or maybe 8. I haven't researched it too much. But this seems like the safer move right now. Hepburn is about to replace Ivy Bridge and the Ivy Bridge Extreme will soon replace the Sandy Bridge extreme. I dont want to spend $1400 on a mobo and CPU that will be obsolete in 6 months. There may be a faster graphics card by that time, but rember I have 2 of them so I am pretty sure I will still be close to the best system out there. Any more input in this thread is still welcome though. [Edit] I am banking on the fact that thunderbolt will be offered in the next generation of LGA 2011 boards. If anyone can confirm/deny this it would be of great use to me.
  12. Ok, some additional specs... Case: Cooler Master Cosmos II PSU: Cooler Master - Silent Pro - 1500 watts GPU: Asus Ares II x 2 RAM: CORSAIR Dominator Platinum 32GB (4 x 8GB) 2400 CPU: Intel 3930K (I think, I will probally upgrade to an Ivy Bridge Extreme Edition when it comes out in late 2013) - Corsair H100? Also could I be directed to where Linus says that he will go to the person w/ two Ares II's? It's cool to have somthing on Linus that he might reget XD.
  13. Thank you I had just one card to begin with, then the opertunity for two presented itself >:D The formula is a nice board. It also has som nice audio built in. Thanks again for a second opinion.
  14. I have 2 ASUS ROG ARES II's; no joke. I need a motherboard to run this beast of a system. I feel that a LGA 1155 socket will not provide enough PCI-e lanes. Should I go for an LGA 2011 running a 3970x to compensate for this problem? I want to be able to run thunderbolt if at all possible so I am also considering the LGA 1155 socket running an OC 3770k. I have picked out a few Asus MoBos and I was wondering if you could give your opinion. LGA 1155 (Z77) -ASUS MAXIMUS V EXTREME LGA 2011 (X79) -ASUS RAMPAGE IV FORMULA -ASUS P9X79 PRO It would be nice to stick with Asus for trouble-shooting as well as asthetics, but if you guys have a better motherboard please tell me. I appriciate your opinion. Thank-you