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  1. bump: The biggest thing i want to know about is does my monitor resolution effect my base canvas in obs. Im thinking it could be a scaling issue that I'm not aware of
  2. Like I've said I've tried various settings. My friend is running worse internet than me with a better gpu and worse cpu yet he can stream high quality very easily.
  3. Okay so I recently built a new rig. I-7 6700k, gtx 970 (brought from old rig) 16 gb ddr4 ram, 1 tb ssd. i built this rig to start streaming regularly. My Internet speed is 300mbps down and 25 up. So from everything I've read i should be able to stream decently. However my streams are choppy and buffer all the time. Ive tried various settings and different platforms. This includes OBS, Nvidia Shadowplay, and XSplit. Nothing seems to help. Im mainly trying to stream Rainbow Six Siege Now here is where it gets complicated. My monitors native resolution is 2560x1440 the reason I bring
  4. Sweet I got the okay from my nurse and I have a laptop with me but seriously being without a proper rig is horrible .I cant game on this thing so ive been living on youtube for a week now and im so done with it
  5. So i've recently gotten pretty sick. I had a major sinus infection that spread to my brain. The hard part is over and now im just here on iv medication. So my issue is that there have been some complications and i could potentially end up staying here for 4 weeks. So I was thinking it wouldnt be so bad if i could bring my pc up here and just game and stuff, and possible take an online class. Do you think that would fly? There is a good spot here in the room and the wifi is pretty good. So you guys think it would work? I dont know much about hospital rules and that stuff. I will be asking my nu
  6. Really love the look if the final mouse and I've heard good things but I can't bring myself to buy a mouse I haven't held before and there is no where near me to try it out so here's hoping it's upgrade time!
  7. We found his gateway changed thanks for the reply
  8. His internet is fine. Hes checking his rounter to see if anything changed. Do you think his firewall could effect it? He can get on from his house, but no one from outside can connect
  9. So we have had this teamspeak on for a while now. Yesterday it was working totally fine. However today no one can connect to it. He has tried almost everything he can find on google and nothing seems to be working. Other forums are very lackluster on information and I would greatly appreciate any sort of help. Hes reset his internet, computer, and tried a few other things
  10. I got home today and noticed little grey highlights around words in windows 7. I couldn't find the problem googling it but i managed to find a picture so you can see what is happening http://s257.photobucket.com/user/Dracownsu/media/highlight_zpskcvico4h.png.htmlI've ran a virus scan and found nothing. Any ideas? Its really annoying me.
  11. thats what she wants to do but doesn't know if its possible
  12. Its wired and she doesn't know what software just that its a motorolla