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  1. Personally I rather watch Movies and Series with Free Streaming Services like cwtv.com, IMDB.com, YouTube Movies, and the like. No need to Pirate at all.
  2. Using that will avoid confusion.
  3. Well I did watch a video on YouTube where the Main Designer of the C128 talked about why made the design choices he did. Given that very few C128 owners actually used the CP/M Mode, it seems a bit silly to put an extra Z80 in the Machine. I would have chosen the WDC 65816 instead. That would have ensured backward compatibility updated the CBM 8-bit line to 16-bit. The CPU was aviable, abet in limited numbers.
  4. Do you guys consider a Man in his Mid 40's to Old? Well I image that a Preteen Kid will say YES!!!
  5. Why does this remind me of the development of the Commodore C128?
  6. What is wrong with using the same 6+2 connector we have been using?
  7. The amount of Wattage consumed and waste Heat outputted has little to do with performance.
  8. If dGPUs were limited to only one Connector, then their wouldn't be any need for PSUs to extras now would there? Do you want a Computer or a Space Heater?
  9. This is the way they should be... But if dGPUs must use a power connector, limit them to one and only one.
  10. Everyone runs out of ideas sooner or later.... So it is a bit silly to call out anyone for this.
  11. If I recall I upgrade my AMD Duron 700Mhz CPU to a AMD Athlon T-bird 1400Mhz one in 2001. The Year before I built the Duron system.
  12. I am going to have to check, but what about reducing Gas? I do sometimes tend to be rather, well Gaseous.
  13. Well it is way better then taking teaspoons of Cod Liver Oil... Blah Nasty Stuff...
  14. 1977? Man you are much older then I am...
  15. Well then I am older then you. When I was in HS there was no such such thing as Smartphones. And CPU clockspeed was still in the double digits...