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    Making PC’s that shouldn’t work, running and messing with code
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    I’m a really petty guy, that if he’s told he can’t do something, or is challenged, will probably do it.
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    Web Designer


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    GTX 1080
  • Case
    (A cheap Chinese case)
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    (main) 6TB Skyhawk HDD, 3TB WD HDD, 2TB WD HDD, 3TB Seagate Baracuda, 64GB Optane drive
  • PSU
    Corsair 850W
  • Display(s)
    My grandmas old TV
  • Cooling
    Hyper 212 evo
  • Keyboard
    Arealer Roarer (programmed time play snake/ Tetris)
  • Mouse
    Cheap Chinese Mouse
  • Sound
    Sony HT-RT3 & more
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  • Laptop
    Allot of laptops
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    iPhone SE / iPhone 6s / iPhone 7

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  1. I’m now starting Windows in another spare deuce, and when I bout with rts off I get nothing And yep, the optane is on the boot drive, so I think that’s what mucked it
  2. I’ve turned rapid storage off and am now back to the troubleshoot or menu, so if you have any ideas? And I’ve never used Linux so I think doing stuff like that is above my pay grade If not I’ll just reinstall Windows on a separate drive, then fight with it, as at this point, all I care about is having a working pc
  3. They are detected, but no longer bootable
  4. I have completely reset bios completely to its original settings now and removed the optane module completely, I have 3 sata hard fives in my systems, all of which are redundant (not in raid) of one another, however not 1 is being detected. Each Hargrove has a backup of the PC on it, but not 1 is being detected.
  5. TL;DR: installed optane module, and now my pc cannot see any of my drives So on day 1 of letting my younger brother use my gaming pc, he was complaining about how slow it was, so as per usual, I reinstalled my old optane module from years passed, the whole pc worked fine and optane was installed great, then it asked for an updated, so I did as it said and it all went fine. 3 hours Later on my brother had been prompted with the same update option so he did so. I then came back through and now I can no longer sign in, the only thing I have is the windows troubleshooter and in
  6. So was in the middle of a scrapping mission on an old HP laptop, and I’ve just found what I’d imagine is a quite common, but big cheap out. They have spray painted the case in a copper colour, to make it look like cooling?! They have tried to make it look like the case is a cooling pad for the laptop, while at only having a single heat pipe cooler for the whole system. I get it’s not powerful enough to warrant it, but when the cooler is less than an inch wide, it’s just made it seem really cheap to me. (TL;DR no question, just disappointment)
  7. Random update, found why it caught fire, the AC-DC Adaptor is throwing out 17+ Volts instead of 12 Volts, I will check the other adapters in a bit.
  8. Got USB’s ready, but working late today so can’t try yet, though I’ll keep you updated.
  9. Yeah, but this was weird, no brownish yellow smoke, just blatant cracking fire, then nothing. Looks like 2 diodes, maybe even LED’s, but the solder had corroded and shorted them together. 1 is fire damaged and smoked, the other has popped out of existence. Will fix it soon, as nothing important is damaged.
  10. Just a few blown up and short circuited components
  11. Found the issue with the 16 port Linksys router, it was litteraly on fire inside. Idk what’s gone and blown up, but plugged it back in. A solid orange glow came from it, all lights were on so thought it could be a LED, unplugged it, and it litteraly was on fire inside. Then for good measure, plugged it in for a 3rd time, big spark, was definitely on fire. Like this isn’t a joke, fully on fire and I hadn’t noticed. Also before you wonder what’s wrong with me, I own a tonne of old electrical stuff. I have a controlled electrical fire about 2 times a month on average.
  12. Could be a storage bottleneck then. When you open task manager does it say storage 100%
  13. Try unplugging and plugging only 1 stick of RAM in at a time. Thats the usual issue
  14. It’s a good chance GTA5 is unloading things while you fly. It has to load more when you’re on the ground. More stuff interacts ECT. So it’s not a problem as much with your pc, it’s a problem with GTA. You can lock frame rate at 60 if it’s too disorienting, but im afraid you’ll have to live with the low FPS for aslong as you have your computer un-upgraded. Also are you using a HDD or an SSD
  15. I’ll have a look about in the day for other power adapters. Thanks though for the help