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    Comic books, PC tech and I guess I really like parrots.
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    I'm your average joe with a vested interest in comic books and PC components.

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  1. Alright, thank you for your time. My final question is a bit stupid, but I was hoping you could answer it: I noticed in the tier A Single-Rail section that you had "RM Gray" written. Is this referring to the 2019 RM power supplies such as the CP-9020196-UK?
  2. If you don't mind me asking, what do the RMx units have over the RM(2019) ones.
  3. The model number of the power supply is CP-9020196-UK. I just want to confirm, there's nothing wrong with the PSUs that have this model number, right?
  4. Hello, I have two questions: Question#1: I noticed that the TXM power supply is cheaper than a RMX power supply. Are RMX PSUs in any way better than TXM 2017 PSUs even if though they're both in the same tier list besides the fact that RMX PSUs are fully modular? Question#2: For Corsair's RM series, do older models have the same model, or part, number as newer models or do they have completely different model, or part, numbers? I'm asking because a certified retailer of Corsair is selling a RM850 that has the same model number as a gray label, but the picture they're displaying on the store page is that of the 2013 RM850.
  5. So you're saying you're going to build up a decent resume before moving and finding a job elsewhere?
  6. It's good that you had a fun experience. I'm also very glad to hear that you met the love of your life while studying. Best of luck to you and your wife.
  7. What major were you studying and would you say you learned anything there?
  8. I recommended using mixed setting for GTAV. The grass quality setting can cause your fps to tank like crazy if you have it maxed out while being in a grass field. Also, what's your CPU usage when you don't have any games running in the background?
  9. Are you actually having stuttering issues in all your games or just some? If it's only a few, could you tell me which ones they are?
  10. He mentioned that all his games stutter like crazy. I wonder what could possibly be the cause for the all the stuttering he's getting. @undercooked spaghetti I'm assuming you're running dual channel RAM, right?
  11. You can kind of count yourself as lucky because not a lot of people have the time or money to work towards their life goal. Just asking, do you have the option to drop out and work with a decent pay?
  12. Thank you for the advice. When I was around 18, a friend of mine who was a few years older than me told me that when you go to uni, you have to butter up the professors. Back then, I thought that was kind of absurd, but after becoming a uni student, I can see why people do that.
  13. I do agree with you on that part, but the fact that I pay this much just for teachers to have really bad attitudes towards me and my class is not at all a fun experience. Not to mention the fact that a lot of the teachers with shitty attitudes are in cahoots with the administration which means that if we were to complain about any of them, they would just find out and fail us. Even though a lot of people in my country are complaining about online classes, I actually kind of prefer them over physical classes solely because of the fact that I don't have to deal with asshole teachers in person. I really wish I could learn a lot of other stuff relating to my major, but I barely have the time to considering my study schedule is busy enough as it is. If you do have some advice or insight, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for sharing your uni experience.