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Ricardo Harrow

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    Comic books, PC tech and I guess I really like parrots.
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    I'm your average joe with a vested interest in comic books and PC components.
  1. So, I'm a uni student currently majoring in Computer Engineering(BE) and even though it's been four semesters, I feel like I've barely learned anything of use except for learning how to code in C++ and what exactly the RISC-V architecture is. Besides barely learning anything, my uni also gives me unnecessary stress with teachers acting as if they're doing us a favor by teaching us. What about you guys? What was your uni experience like?
  2. Well, alright. If you don't mind me asking, if one of the Tier A PSUs were to crap out on a rig, is there a high chance of them taking down a component with them or is that more of a thing with PSUs in Tier C and below?
  3. Hey, guys! I'm going to be buying a PSU sometime in the future and I'm kind of paranoid about getting a PSU that's part of a bad batch. Is there any way I can safeguard myself from purchasing a PSU that's part of a bad batch? Is there any forum site or thread that I can use for reference?
  4. Hello, everyone. Long time lurker here. How's your day been so far?