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  1. my misses has this iMac and basically uses it for Facebook/instagram I think it actually has a 3t hard drive as well
  2. 212 octillion years for my first layer and 15years for the second layer my laptop has an encrypted HD
  3. If you have to fight. flight clean no one likes a dirty fighter
  4. currently making my way though a 90's playlist
  5. guessing games when people say "guess what happened" No how about you just fucking tell me I have not got time for your shit
  6. Im fairly sure he is actually retarded and not just saying that ive asked people if he is mentally retarded and I get the answer "im not sure"
  7. one of our work pcs had a noisy 120mm fan that needed to be replaced. I gave the fan to the tech to go get a new one and he came back with 1 x 140mm fan and 1x 92mm fan :blink: I mean come on I gave you the fan to match it up. then my bosses reply was must be an old fan type might just buy a whole new pc. they never listen to me its like talking to brick walls
  8. to be honest I wouldn't know what is good or not. they are an upgrade from the ones that came with my phone (note3) and also its only 40bucks im not worried about it if they stuff up or something ill just buy something else
  9. grabbed these at lunch time for at work
  10. I bought those they are not to bad defiantly a lot more base
  11. ill have a look when I gets there thanks,
  12. Hi All, I need a new set of in ears for work currently using the ones that came with my note3 I was going to duck out at lunch there is a JBHIFI just up the road https://www.jbhifi.com.au/headphones-dj/headphones/ and suggestions what I should get? I'm not super fussy just want an upgrade. looking to spent I duno say $50 give or take abit https://www.jbhifi.com.au/headphones-dj/headphones/sennheiser/sennheiser-cx175-in-ear-headphones-black/308589/ are these ok?
  13. Tuning out the Gasty noises from the radio my boss listens to. (nova96.9 for the Sydney people) this is something a little different then the normal for me but I'm studying so its alright
  14. my first real job was a baker. I worked 12am to 8am sat to wed for 8 years straight I missed out on everything(birthdays new years ect) I do not recommend that trade at all. my current job is a facilities manager its much better
  15. last Christmas my gf gave to it me id never had Lego before and she said that's just not right I'm 27btw
  16. here is my set up nothing flash. the on the left my work laptop Hp elite book 720 G1 (I think) on the right is a Acer Aspire V5 personal laptop
  17. my boss doesn't realise that I actually run the show. I have him basically doing my job for me haha B)
  18. it had 7 results then times out after it reaches which is a company called uecomm i have rang them as well as stgeorge i them all looking into this. i have little faith though
  19. is giving some a copy of a tracert I have done okay? I mean can they hack me with the info in it? i did a tracert on www.stgeorge.com.au as i'm still having trouble reaching it
  20. no luck reaching it direct I for did try this once before as well sorry forgot to add that. I think once you click on the login page you get all the ssl info https://ibanking.stgeorge.com.au/ibank/loginPage.action (please correct me if im wrong)
  21. everything is basically stock settings on the boblite modem iinet provided