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    Gaming currently on consoles and useing an Acer Aspire v5 laptop. will be changing to pc soon.. just need to work out what I need.
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    Facilities Manager
  1. Finally got myself a new set of in ears
  2. i purchased the stuff to make this gate today 1.5 hours later and its done. i have a swimming pool being installed this week cant wait.
  3. had to find out what all the fuss is about
  4. i picked up the old one today works just as i needed for the projector thank you to all those who posted
  5. Well im after something small as it will be pluged into ceiling mounted projector
  6. Yeah i was whoa. Yankies can cash in on ebay seems like easy money to be made here
  7. Its not to far from the router so i think ill just try the old one out and see. I also have a fiber connection so the wifi should be fast enough Thanks guys
  8. Simple question should I buy the 2015 chrome cast on eBay they are going for about $80. over the older one here in store $48 as Australia does not yet get the 2015 model. is it worth the extra $30? I will be using it hopefully with a projector I have for an outdoor screen near my pool I'm having put in.
  9. This came in today I am going to try doing a time lapse of my swimming pool install later this year. using my D90 that has had very little use fyi- i have no idea what I am doing :unsure: im guessing a photo every 10sec then mash it together in movie maker...
  10. Not sure if it counts yet but i just paid a deposit on my swimming pool i will soon have my own water cooling it should look something like this. Minus the roof thing at the back.... . here is my plan
  11. normally 9-930PM I get up at 430am daily to go to work
  12. game boy and the 5 games for $40 seems like an ok deal ive never had one before.