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Everything posted by crazydog2580

  1. Had to get 4 of these today luckily the tyre place had buy 3 get one free they were $304ea
  2. cant believe that people do that.. i'm glad you when the adoption way. i would love to get a puppy for my wife but we are not home enough it wouldn't be fair on the pup.
  3. i bought this for lighting coal heat beads for the Weber. getting lazy and cbf mucking around with paper and stuff
  4. impulse purchase i have no idea what this game is about. ill give it a go tomorrow night cbf today
  5. no way ill be finishing the block but it was ok.
  6. its not as bad as i thought it would be.
  7. impulse purchase for no reason 2 x $1.79
  8. nothing to show for it but i just booked in a Xmas holiday trip to new Zealand for me and the wife.
  9. Back in 2008 for my 21st i was on a Xmas pub crawl and i was extremely pissed i decided to flip over a tree. my friend got a pic of the exact time i hit the ground. i tore ligament's in my knee and ankle. my knee still plays up.
  10. got these last week or so. must say really not liking mortal kombat but destiny is alright
  11. Weekdays 1 alarm 4:55am straight up shower 10min in the car on they way to work by 5:10am Weekends no alarms wake up at 530am lay in bed on phone for an hour or so then up to do whatever
  12. its a Acer aspire v5 I think
  13. ring some local builders/bricklayers/landscapers/plumbers and do some manual labour on weekends for cash.
  14. Simple question I'm always looking at real estate here in Australia, but when it comes to looking out side of Aus the websites seem very poor most the time. I'm sure I'm just not looking at the right sites. Here in Aus i use these as my main sites http://www.realestate.com.au/ http://www.domain.com.au/
  15. i just got back from a week holiday other wise would be a long time
  16. may have just sealed the deal im with iinet only on the 200gig 40/100 plan
  17. don't bang your ex best friends ex girl friend (doesn't end well)
  18. I think I may get this for the wife i don't really watch tv at all but I think she would like it. its way cheaper then foxtel. also I have the nbn so loading it should be fine
  19. im too lazy to look it up... how much is this going to cost?
  20. ive seen it both ways stupid eyes tripping me out