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  1. _Shaho


    No post codes at all, the PC won't even boot for more than a 10th of a second for the fans to slightly spin and some LEDs to turn on. I shorted the 24 with everything disconnected as the sticky thread said
  2. _Shaho


    Hello, LTT. Please could someone help me with this issue - I'll bullet point to be as concise as possible. Built a PC in 2013. Haven't used it since January 2016. Booted it today, opened Civ 5 to test, and my PC shut down as it was loading it up. Afterwards, the PC won't boot. Only the power LED on the motherboard works. When I try to power up the PC (from either motherboard button and front power button) When I power it up, the fans spin for a fraction of a second and the light on the H100i powers up for a second. It then turns off and if I keep trying to turn it on, the same thing happens. RESET CMOS - no difference. Shorted the green and black wire in the 24 pin on the mobo, no help from that. Disconnected and reconnected everything, nothing. I'd appreciate any help, relevent details are that I have an MSI Z87 Gaming mATX motherboard with an i7-4770K. There's an H100i installed and my PSU is an EVGA 750G (the model with the steel bar sticking out). Thanks, Shaho
  3. _Shaho

    Custom GTX 1070's and 1080's

    All right, laughs are over, sorry. Come 'err and give grandma a kissy kiss.
  4. _Shaho

    Custom GTX 1070's and 1080's

    I don't do my own Google searches, my grandson does them for me, the sweet little boy! Does a backalley drug dealer do yours, because you are rather frantic over this here interwebs and need pills to calm your fervent errection down.
  5. _Shaho

    Custom GTX 1070's and 1080's

    Maybe chill on the energy drinks, then?
  6. _Shaho

    Custom GTX 1070's and 1080's

    Maybe you're a little too tired and need some rest.
  7. _Shaho

    Possible bottleneck with 1000 series GPU

    You should be fine.
  8. Of course you didn't, it's in NVIDIA's favour.
  9. The SLI claim is not regarding VR.
  10. _Shaho

    Custom GTX 1070's and 1080's

    You and I are two very patient individuals. Sorry, I'll have to call my grandson to read this for me - the aches of old age... );
  11. _Shaho

    Custom GTX 1070's and 1080's

    You don't agree that those game charts show at least 50% increase in performance when you interpolate?
  12. _Shaho

    Custom GTX 1070's and 1080's

    As you can probably tell, I have patience with people who have their knickers on back-to-front on a Saturday night.
  13. _Shaho

    Custom GTX 1070's and 1080's

    Links to benchmarks?
  14. _Shaho

    Custom GTX 1070's and 1080's

    The difference is that I can quote someone and that someone cannot make statements without backed up evidence, whereas your statement is fully emotional and contains curses for added effect.
  15. _Shaho

    Custom GTX 1070's and 1080's

    Hilarious when people quote cards like the Duo which come with factory watercooling. Compare it to watercooled NVIDIA cards and it's suddenly less impressive, so nobody does it. GTX 1080 overclocks to 2.1GHz aircooled, and will do FAR better watercooled.