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  1. Hi LTT! Here’s a link about my first thread, all the issues I had and the fixes I tried to apply. After further inspection I still haven’t found a solution. I also tried booting to ubuntu, doing basic stuff and testing it on youtube and other stuff and it worked (until i had some kind of bugs happening during the login screen of ubuntu but not important (or is it?) and didn’t bother to fix them) So, even after a clean reinstall the issue with the freezes still persists, safe mode works as fine as it can, clean boot works good too although I can’t test it an
  2. Hi LTT! not that big of a deal but it's driving me crazy. For some reason my start menu icons are just 'x' as shown in the picture below. Any idea on how to fix it? I deleted IconCache from appdata/local and rebooted but still nothing, am i missing something or ? Thanks!
  3. Since it froze, I couldn’t printscreen, but here’s a speedfan picture of the temps (hwmonitor doesn’t see my cpu temps for some reason)
  4. Hi LTT! Firstly I'll describe my problem. I've reinstalled windows a week ago, a clean wipe using the built in 'windows reset' because i forgot my windows key. Nevertheless, a clean reinstall, blank discs, blank everything. Took me a day or two to reinstall all my necessary software and in the last day or two i somehow got random freezes. I narrowed the source to any video playing, for some reason that makes my laptop freeze, followed by a sound 'freeze' (continuous single frequency until a stop), regardless of the platform (youtube, netflix, local .mp4's...) that can only be
  5. Hi LTT! I know the title is confusing but here's what I'm interested in: I'm connected to my domain using FTP via cmd.... Okay the somewhat confusing part is over. I navigate to my desired folder and I now i want to make a text file of the files in the directory including their full paths (\site\public_html\folder\...). Now, locally on windows you can do that pretty handy using 'dir /b /s > filepaths.txt' while you're in your desired folder of course. How can I mimic this action on an ftp connection? Or is there maybe another way to do this? I've tried doing
  6. That's pretty much my aim. Opening Webmail, browser and office programs as word, excel... No other work!
  7. Hi LTT! I'm curious if an SSD would help an older PC become faster for office work. Right now we have an old HP server-ish PC that due to it's age behaves slow, really slow, but not bad. Would swapping the HDD with an SSD do the work? I saw a video of JayzTwoCents swapping an older laptop HDD with an SSD and it did behave quite different (in a good/fast way) so I'm asking here to be cost efficient. The current PC has a Xeon I'm not right sure which one now (but for sure 10+ years old), 16gb ddr3 (maybe even ddr2 but I have to check it tomorrow), and that't pretty much it. Inc
  8. The LDAP should simplify access for other Administrators (don't look up to giving plenty of access to ordinary users). The mail server is our domain's server and as for the searchability the simpler the better. I could always get my hands dirty by digging the necessary data but feel free to recommend me something.
  9. Hi LTT! Recently me and a few of my coworkers changed offices and we are setting up one on our own. Now I as the 'IT Guy' want to set up an Ubuntu server that would just work in the background as a File/LDAP/Backup server for our E-mails, documents, etc. I am reading some Ubuntu documentation on setting up both File and LDAP servers (OpenLDAP and Samba), and my question is is it enough? I know that the security of those isn't anything advanced but for now I consider it enough. For the backup server part I'm planning on making a simple windows program (since all the office work is d
  10. They are free either way (no rental fee, which explains the quality of the product). Thanks for the clarification!
  11. Okay, got that down just one more thing. Hence my ISP being how it is, the root router would only send 5GHz to the new router (can't throw away the ISP router because of the coaxial input cable). Now could that 5GHz signal be lowered to 2.4 too (done/converted by the newer router) for my older devices that wouldn't see the 5GHz connection? I know it's a really particular issue but what can you do...
  12. Currently nothing, hence my questions of would a good dual band make the connection fast and stable for both streaming/downloading and plain browsing. (maybe even an extender, eh? but it's a flat not a house, might be overkill but not sure)
  13. The thing is that I'm paying for a 120/20Mbps connection while getting no more than 20/10 on wifi (full speed only on ethernet), so I want to increase the speed somehow but the root router is killing everything (Cisco EPC3925)
  14. Greetings lads, The title is pretty clear and I googled things but my ISP provider is pretty shitty, so I'll have to ask here. Since the ISP provides internet via a coaxial cable, I can't just switch the router to a good dual band router since i haven't found such with a coaxial input, so I have to bridge the connection. Long story short, my ISP router only provides connection at one frequency, either 2.4 or 5, so since there are devices in my home that don't support 5GHz connections, can a bridged dual band router "lower" the frequency so it still sends 2.4 and 5GHz si
  15. The second PC was the issue while I focused all of my time on my Laptop... Thanks buddy for taking your time to reply!