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  1. ok thanks guys really appreciate it!
  2. Fastest way to learn rlua (roblox lua). Is it live coding classes online, yt vids, rblx wiki, or discord servers that feature rlua support?
  3. wow ok thanks. that really helps. would that be able to run my dream game, ARK: Survival Evolved like nothing?
  4. well im mostly into discord bot programming atm, and i want to find the easiest course to learn the easiest programming language to code a discord bot.
  5. Hello, I wish to find the easiest programming language i can learn fast. Any advice? I have been researching and people say that discord.py is easier than discord.js but if so, i would like to find the basics, not setting up the bot, but the programming basics such as the meanings of args, and basic discord.py programming. Thanks!