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  1. No, BitDefender is a product by 360 Total Security...
  2. No, it was baught by 360 Total Security, which is Chinese...
  3. Well, that's fair because Bitdefender is Chinese!
  4. Vote here! Help others pick their antivirus by voting here! Feel free to see the results just bear in mind that whatever content that has been submitted is public. OG message had content removed by LMG staff/moderators
  5. https://www.duracell.com/en-us/product/j-alkaline-battery/
  6. Just for others who need the results for one reason or another...
  7. Vote for your favorite antivirus here! -link removed-
  8. Let's say you wanted to convert a app from a .exe (Windows, witch sucks) to a .dmg, (macOS) without starting from the ground up, or changing code, would this be possible?
  9. I refuse to learn Javascript, so Discord.py.