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  1. Maybe. right now I'm still checking what is my pc worth today. also waiting for more comments, but I won't forget you. Don't worry. I will talk to you after I will understand more, because a few people calls it a "legendery overclock motherboard" So, I'm waiting right now. but it is possbile so I will be in touch with you.
  2. I have no idea at all. I tried looking for a price it is begin sell for and I found one page that says 500 USD and coulden't find any more. that's also the reason I opened this post. you can suggest mate.
  3. Hello! me and my brother have very similar computers. It's packing an old school 1366 X58A-OC Motherboard and an i7-975 Extreme Edition. (I think the cooler is a stock cooler but it is preety massive.) 16gb DDR3 ram, a huge Thermaltake case (I think my brother has an old razer) besides that, I have an rx 570 and a few TBs of hdd's my question is: I'm dieing to buy new parts and to build my new pc finally. I didn't think of it until now but maybe my build is so old and maybe rare that it might be worth some money? maybe even alot? It is BEAST cpu. still preety fine today and I belive it was a super high-end cpu back then. and the motherboard, it is really massive and big. a very serious overclock motherboard. So should I sell it? how much for? where? and if its the wrong place to open my post please tell me where should I. oh and btw the cpu was never overclocked! Thanks !