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  1. If this was a Threadripper with an air cooler I would definitely say change to AIO, but it’s not, you can’t compare them because of TDP, much higher core count, and different sized die, causing higher heat. Not good to compare them because of these factors and different cooling solutions need for each one.
  2. I’m going to lock myself in a cupboard if you actually thought we were talking about a Threadripper. Never cool a Threadripper with an air cooler, please.
  3. I would buy an aftermarket cooler if your going to OC it. Stock cooler isn’t the best but should do the job if it is not OCed, if it starts hitting high temps with it I would get a Noctua or something of the sort. The wraith prism doesn’t have many good reviews as I’ve heard in the past and doesn’t cool it super good.
  4. Is this your first build? I’ll help.
  5. It should say in the instructions which controller to get to control things like that.
  6. Look this rack mount up. It has two front air spaces, probably as good as your going to get SilverStone Technology 4U Rackmount Server Chassis with 3 X 5.25 Front Bays with CEB/ATX/mATX/Mitx Support RM400 Cases SST-RM400
  7. Unless you have a way to monitor the loop inside of the rack I would go air.
  8. I’m in the making of my second PC and I wanted to share the parts I’m getting with you, some of them I already have and some I am getting soon, Here is the list. Rate it Thermaltake View 91 TG Super-tower Asus ROG Zenith II Extreme Alpha AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990x Nvidia Titan RTX x 2 EK Titan RTX Acetal & Gold Waterblock x 2 EK sTRX4 CPU Acetal & Plexi D RGB Waterblock 6TB WD Black 256MB cache x 2 350mm EK D RGB Reservoir 1600w P2 PSU 80+ Platinum Trident Z Royal Silver 4800mhz x 8 Samsung 860 Evo 4TB x 4 Samsung 970 Evo 2TB 2048MB x 4 480mm Radiator x 2 Custom Hard Tubing Post Comments and Ratings below please!
  9. Good build, nice cable management. Only things I would have changed would be a Ryzen 7 processor, 3200mhz for ram would have been fine too.
  10. I like the build, only thing I would change is the GPU, maybe a little more powerful.
  11. What are your thoughts on Bitcoin Mining, It is worth it or a waste?
  12. I think the current AMD driver situation is a problem that obviously wasn’t tested enough and released it for the public way to early. Since AMD still is behind Nvidia, and Nvidia has cards that perform close to the same, It will cause a lot of people to switch to Nvidia. Although people go for AMD cause they are cheaper usually, you can’t use a card that doesn’t work and it’s going to cause people that have purchased those cards to become frustrated over them considering they paid a pretty big price for something that isn’t even working properly,