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  1. Sweet, thanks! I'll do that tomorrow and see how I compare. A few % doesn't concern me but if its like 20% as I thought here, it's kinda crappy. A bad feeling when you've just got this new GPU and you're a little underwhelmed.
  2. I actually work for one of the above named companies. The issue is that open reach look after all the infrastructure other than virgin. So no matter who you go with, it's the same speed as its the exact same lines. Just the bill is a different name. The only alternative to that is FTTP broadband that only really BT and Zen provide, but that's still pretty rare in the UK. Its more rural areas or brand new builds that are getting it. If you want to DM me the full address, I'll check my work systems and see what is available for you so I can give you a definitive answer?
  3. So this potentially could be a bullshit result? The other site seems fairly credible and I'm waaaay off their scores
  4. I'll do that tomorrow and post results
  5. Stock with PBO so turbos to 4.2ghz from memory. I'd have to check tomorrow but I'm 99% sure. Yeah I have no Raytracing on either
  6. I missed that! Good spot. Maybe that's where I'm missing out. Doesn't explain the other one but that's a great spot.
  7. For example heaven? I ran a few of those and again was around 150pts under the scores that someone else got. In honesty though they had a much better cpu than me so idk if that would affect that specific benchmark
  8. Not on the last test no, figured that may be the issue but nothing changed when I closed discord and chrome
  9. I get that, but seeing other people getting these results in that badly optimised game makes me think there's something more to my low figures. Same in MP too
  10. Hey everyone, Got my 3070 FE delivered today and I am confused. Having looked at various benchmarks, fps counters and general reviews, I don't seem to be getting the numbers that others are and I have no clue why. Running 1440p with the following; R5 3600 x570 TUF MB 32GB 3600mhz Ram O11D case (temps on GPU never exceed 72c) No riser cable being used This link for example, shows ultra settings with the 3070 on COD Warzone, with the R5 3600 and he is averaging 120+, where as mine is closer to 100fps. This link, goes into deta
  11. I had good experiences with the Antec Prizm 140mm's. Still use them on my 280mm rad but changed out the rest as my new case doesn't like 140s
  12. My hero. Thank you for the effort there. I thought that possible could have been the cable but the missing pin threw me. The last thing I wanted was my shiny new 3080 to arrive and I didn't have enough cables. Awesome though, I'll run the second cable from the psu, and the original cable in place, into the adapter.
  13. Sorry my mistake. Its the seasonic prime 650w platinum. I have one 8 pin (6+2) running to the 2060 now and I have found another cable that's 8 pin housings but one is missing on the psu end, and the other end has two 8 pin cables. Like split off. I wasn't sure if that's the cable I needed and if it wasn't then I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of the right cable I needed as mentioned in the firsg post.
  14. Yeah it does say psu one end and pcie the other end I think. I'm not home to check right now. The psu end is missing one of the pins, is that normal and is that the cable I need to use as my second 8 pin cable for the adapter. Psu is a 650w seasonic platinum. I know its under what they recommend for the 3080 but I'm going to see how i get on before buying a new one.
  15. One of the things I've always struggled with when building my PC is the psu cables. At the moment I have a modular psu (seasonic prime platinum) and an rtx 2060 super that takes an 8 pin connection. Planning on ordering the 3080 on release day and I know it has the new 12 pin power. My understanding is the box comes with a 12 pin to 2x 8 pin adapter until a better alternative comes up. I obviously have one 8 pin now but I can't for the life of me find another 8 pin cable. Could anyone point me in the direction of the cable I need to add into my PSU so I h