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  1. not gonna recommend it i'm using the asus tuf fx505dd with r5-3550h and gtx 1050 3gb and the temp is pretty high so the cpu throttle a lot using factory thermal paste max 95C using thermal grizzly kryonaut max 87C
  2. i would'nt recommend the tuf i'm using the fx505dd with r5-3550h and gtx1050 3gb , the laptop temp is kinda nuts with stock thermal paste it reach 95C nad after i change the thermal paste to kryonaut it still reach 87C . the build quality around the palm rest feels like its hollow inside so it doesnt feel solid at all
  3. a asus zenbook with ryzen 5 processor?
  4. if you got the budget you should just change the whole thing, but if u dont have a lot of budget i would use the indonesian style just use a steel sheet that is strong enough ,teardown the laptop and use the steel sheet to patch the hole (by using screws or nut) make sure the screw didnt touch the motherboard
  5. i would recommend checking both company service center around your country and decide on that . so it would be easier to claim warranty if anything is broken
  6. after i replace the thermal paste in my ryzen 5 3550h laptop with kryonaut it get around 8C improvement so i would say its quite worth it
  7. between the gpu problem or the ram problem cause ram failure also makes your screen didnt show anything
  8. i would personally take the vivobook add another 16gb ram or atleast a 8gb stick in it, and if i wanna game in it i probably will change the thermal paste to a more high performance one. if you can add yout budget a little bit i would recommend a HP PAVILION GAMING -ryzen 5 -gtx1050 3gb -512gb nvme ssd or asus tuf fx505dd -ryzen 5 -gtx1050 3gb -512gb nvme ssd +120hz screen(depending on model you pick) as i was in indonesia so the pricing should be similar around $700
  9. i'm using the asus tuf fx505dd with a ryzen 5 350H and i also have the same issue. out of the box the temp will go up to 95C after i change the factory thermal paste it reduce quite a lot. now it max out around 91C and most of the time stay around 87C the in game fps also got more stable.