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  1. Hi all, One my friends got a new IP phone for work a Panasonic kx-hdv230B. He would like to use a headset on it but it has a weird RJ9 Headset port. After some google I found a dongle on eBay (link below) that should work but it would take a log time for it to get to us. I was not able to find an electric scheme on how the port is wired, and it should not be difficult to create a dongle like this in short time using far better quality cables. If anyone knows could you please share it with me? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dual-3-5mm-Audio-Jack-to-RJ9-Plug-25cm-P
  2. Hi all, I am planning on adding another SSD to my ASUS Zephyrus GA502DU but I am unfortunately not able to find what kind of SSD should I buy. So if anyone knows if this SSD would work it would be appreciated. https://imtec.ba/ssd-diskovi/48920-kingston-ssd-m-2-nvme-3d-nand-500gb-2280-a2000.html Thanks in advance.
  3. Only thing I was able to do is to update the BIOS to the latest version. System is stable now while in game but I heard some complaints that the performance is not as it was used to be nut in my experience it almost eliminated the frame and CPU clock drops.
  4. I know, I like it too. did you try the latest 302 BIOS. I herd it makes things a lot more stable.
  5. @Siavash My advice would be to try and return it and get your money back as soon as possible.
  6. I am glad you managed to get your money back. I am still waiting for my money. Now apparently Corona is preventing them from wire transferring the money to me, or something.
  7. ASUS support will not be able to assist you @garethfunk. I called them and started multiple tickets, I even shipped the device to Poland to the main ASUS lab\maintenance facility for whole Europe, and they returned it without doing anything to it. @xHyPnOtiZeDx if Amazon does not want to give you a refund I home you will have more luck with the new unit or maybe try exchanging it with a different model, something with Intel processor maybe.
  8. @xHyPnOtiZeDx I hope you get your money back soon. I noticed the problem one or two days after starting this post and still have not gotten my money back.
  9. @xBrettx and @xHyPnOtiZeDx I would advise returning these and getting a refund if possible. @xHyPnOtiZeDx did you see my posts with graphs on the second page of this forum. Most most likely your CPU clock goes down to 400MHz when both CPU and NVIDIA GPU are under a load.
  10. Hi all, Just a quick update on my case. I received my device back from Service center yesterday and it still has the sane issue. They apparently tested it before shipping it back to me but not good enough. I am asking for a full refund or equivalent specs and Intel processor. My advice is to ask for a refund as soon as possible if you have this device, or not to buy it at all. Will let you know how it goes with the refund.
  11. I can see that there is a new version of armory credits released today. Did anyone try it? Did anyone try any hardware mods like removing the dust filter and changing the CPU and GPU paste? My device is still with ASUS repair center. It was sent out to Hungary, they were not able to fix the issue so they had to send it to Poland, from what I was told they have some kind of factory/lab/ research center there. Most likely I will move away from this model since they were not able to provide a fix within 15 business days.
  12. No luck for me. I contacted RMA service of the people I got the laptop from and elaborated the issue. They asked me to send the laptop to their service center and that per ASUS it is most likely bad thermal paste. I do not have anything in writing yet.