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  1. seems heavily concentrated in the center too... Quite odd for LG to have this problem, they usually make great panels.
  2. there is talk of a 3000 series RTX cards coming soon here and the possibility of a Navi card from AMD, though with how things are in the market, i'd doubt they would release them any time soon, sadly. The 5700 series however, been talked about that people just need to find a set of o-rings to tighten the heatsink onto the die, though not too tight as you can crack/chip it. Otherwise the cooling performance isn't too bad, heard that the red-devil is kindof good too.
  3. probably has air bubbles in the line, if its a custom loop, best way is to position the lines up away from the block towards the top of the rad, let it run without the machine being on to get the bubbles out, might want to have a few towels to be safe. ignore that last bit... try to have the hoses oriented towards the top of the case or run the system without the rad being in the system for a bit, and move it around to get the bubbles out. sorry forgot that this is a hybrid card.
  4. its a MIH61R-MB a socket LGA 1155 It supports DDR3 non buffered memory at 1066 or 1333, max capacity of 8gb of ram be careful as OEM parts are very picky with what you put in them. http://www.findlaptopdriver.com/dell-mih61r-mb-specs-38317201214/
  5. Yep, time when old AGP cards, and single channel memory was a thing. Hopefully it works out, enjoy the rig!
  6. Well, there is alot of LPX dimms that Corsair made, some of which are not optimized for AMD usage. Ill link a list below, try to match it with the set you have to see if they work or not. https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360030465392-AMD-RYZEN-2000-3000-SERIES-Memory-Compatibility-List- on secondthought... it isn't optimized. https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Memory/VENGEANCE-LPX/p/CMK16GX4M2B3000C15
  7. probably a incompatible set for that board, 3000MHz sounds more like Intel clock speeds as they tend to run around 3200 or so. It might not be optimized for Ryzen based boards/cpus Check to see if the memory is compatible with your board at Corsair, hopefully they have a list. (also will check myself, bit curious)
  8. that APU might be a problem, performance wise, 6 monitors, all of which being 1080p will basically demand alot from both the CPU and GPU. I'd be surprised if you can drive 4 with this setup.
  9. Battlefield 2, 1942, and even 2142... great series by the way would run on any of these machines. I would recommend option 1 as it doesn't use OEM parts, the Dell would be limited in expandability as parts for it would need to come from Dell, if you were to upgrade it, like memory or cpu.
  10. Agreed, though keep in mind of the B450's as they might require a Bios update (just said this in another thread) If ya want to keep it simple, go for the x570's
  11. 1.4 volts its kind of high on that CPU, being that the normal voltage recommended by AMD is 1.3625V roughly for that processor. Maybe 1.35 would solve the issue, just need to pop into the bios and set it up there. Also I would like to point out that your 12v is running a little low, 11.3 is questionable... maybe a better powersupply? Example:
  12. I've seen some people resolve their issue by 'under voltage' the CPU, maybe try doing that and see if it works. I'm running a 3700x at 1.350v so... maybe that is a good reference? The 1600 has similar numbers from what I can tell online. Motherboards tend to up the voltage based on the demand of the workload, but this can also result in overheating.
  13. That depends on... the range you are willing to spend. Personally I'm using a MSI X570 Pro Carbon : https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/MPG-X570-GAMING-PRO-CARBON-WIFI Parts Picker: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/tgsnTW/msi-mpg-x570-gaming-pro-carbon-wifi-atx-am4-motherboard-mpg-x570-gaming-pro-carbon-wifi Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/MSI-Gaming-Carbon-Motherboard-Wi-Fi/dp/B07T4M3RTR Which supports plenty of RGB...
  14. I'm surprised on how similar this case is built to my LanCool case that I had back in the day... and DEAR GOD MIXED CARDS >< Yeah, usually an X pattern on the CPU is good coverage, some use a pea size as well... though I wonder if the issue is actually the thermal paste itself? What Kind of thermal paste are you using DeepYT?
  15. If I recall, MSI made the best B450 type motherboards back in the day, but if you plan on using a 3rd gen Ryzen on it, make sure you update the Bios, as they might not have 3rd gen Ryzen Support right out of the box. Only a few rare occasions where the Motherboard would have updated bios to fix issues with 3rd Gen Support.
  16. If you have anything on the hard drive, recommend backing them up, there are also several ways to restore operation to the OS, one of which via use of a USB drive, known as a installation media, make sure you have your CD key with you, if it ask for it during install. Also make sure there is nothing on the thumb drive, it will formatted to be a boot partition. In otherwords you will lose the data on the thumbdrive. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 As for the other option, is to reset the PC entirely... Which can be done under Settings > Recovery > "Reset This PC" with the Get Started button. Pic below.
  17. Basically... Some wish Intel would actually stop dicking around but that isn't going to happen any time soon. With AMD ruling in the mobile, server, and desktop environments of CPU's, it also affects the values of their cards and other devices as production is increased to satisfy demand. This was witnessed when the 3950x was released, for a short while it was impossible to get 1 for a bit, prices were also jacked by 3rd party vendors that resold them on the market, then when stocks were filled it was reduced to the original sales price. Something that Nvidia can learn with their GPU's, not everyone has 1 to 2 grand to throw at their computers every year...
  18. Yeah, I recommend saving it like GDRRiley said, the 3000 series is soon to come out and also AMD has a card out there that's been spotted on the testing sights, said to be like 30% faster than the 2080Ti... Recommend saving yourself further pain from spending too much for too little. These new cards should cost less than the current.
  19. Just got this cooler, thought I might as well share it with the community. The cooler is an AIO but Alphacool made the Aurora to be AM4 compatible with an upgraded pump. It features are all copper radiator, copper head spreader that is polished like a mirror, and G1/4 fittings with a quick release for adding more to the loop if you wish. The cooler also comes with 3 ARGB 120 MM fans, but I also have another set of 3 in the front for a push pull config. I do plan to upgrade this loop in the future with a better heat spreader and a res, but that is off in the distant future. So far I'm pleased with the results, but that isn't really saying much as I was using a 120mm AIO from NZXT, great cooler, but not enough for a Ryzen 3700X. With the cooler out of the way I was able to remove the handicap and use default clock settings, ran F@H on it and saw a max temp of 70C, and a idle temp of 30C. Room temp at the time was 22C give or take as the environment isn't controlled. I feel as though this Loop is great for entry level people whom are trying to get into customizing their computers and without the disadvantages that most AIO's have when it comes to quality, mostly to the radiator. for the price this unit performs on par if not better from what I've gathered, also comes with Alphacool thermal paste which works quite well. Below ill add some pics and feel free to tell me what you think!
  20. if your computer is on 24/7, I wouldn't recommend a custom loop cooler solution as you will have moments of downtime to clean, flush, and change parts. Custom loops are high maintenance, however they provide great performance. most of the time fittings will cost around $40 maybe $50 depending on what you are running, soft or hard tube. as for Radiators, they run about $80 to $100 for a thin low profile rad that is a 360mm setup. Pumps, res and the heatsink are where you will be spending some money as they range from 70 and up.
  21. Might need to perform a bios update, but from what I'm seeing, everything should work... Is the memory in the 2nd slot?
  22. I doubt this console is going to be an inexpensive alternative... or the PS5. Based on performance spec, I would say it would cost about $700 maybe a $1000 for a next gen console, especially to pay for the RnD, game titles, Xbox pass for online play and so on. Consoles are nice, but having to pay for a service that should be free in the first place is... stupid. That's like me paying twice for an ISP. Anyhow, a grand in computer parts isn't that bad of a performance increase, if you plan your parts and plan for the future in a PC, not so much with a console as you are limited to what you have for the next 5 or maybe 7 years, give or take. Again, PC blows the Xbox away in terms of expandability, despite the price, you can buy parts that are mid range, save your money, go back and buy better parts, expand your storage, even customize the looks of your computer. I had a computer last me 10+ years and was able to play Anthem of all games at a solid 60 fps... how many consoles do you know that even last 5 years? Oh wait, they don't... because a new console comes out basically every 5 or maybe, just maybe 10 years as the current xbox one, the first generation of its line was released 7 years ago. Sorry but having ARGB shine within my PC as if a Unicorn exploded inside of it, is quite satisfying, funny thing is, the upgrade I've personally done to my computer probably will cost less than the Xbox or the PS5, and I'm still using parts that were from my 10 year old machine (hard drives and a Corsair AX power supply platinum 80+ rated).
  23. its running Navi based graphics unit, a 2080S or TI would out perform it. What saves consoles are the ability to utilize their hardware with low background usage Microsoft has already shown what its potential is, sure the system isn't out yet, but im not impressed as its performance is already out there for the PC Market, and with the potential of AMD and Nvidia releasing next Gen GPU units, like RTX 3000 series... would be a clear indication to hold off and see who will flex first... either AMD, or Nvidia.
  24. GUVII

    7 ARGB Fans

    Coolermasters controller will require sata power, just have the splitter on the hub and you should be good. You however have options, you can connect both the USB to controller and the ARGB from the board to controller, either have the bios control the ARGB, or have Coolermaster control the controller via USB.