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  1. At least 12c/24t with AM5. I currently have a Asus Strix Z390-F motherboard. In his time, if you consider the performance per watt ratio of the 9900k with it's price (new or even used) including thermals, saving up for AMD is the best choice.
  2. I have a H100i Platinum used for only 6 months and it's still under warranty. I'm going all air cooling cause performance is the drug i'm addicted now. How much should it go for with current value and warranty?
  3. Optane is the king. Your storage is pretty good, I like it. If Intel goes with 10nm or lower, i'm ditching AMD. Cause, with even playground Intel will always winn in performance. But sorrowfully the time is in AMD's favour
  4. Yes 9900K is a waste of money in this time. Your setup is something is totally unupgradable. You'll need a total new build and for that Intel parts right now have no value if you consider performance, price, thermals and power comnsumption, at least if you're unbiased.
  5. I have a 9600k, planning to get a 8700k for the smt cause I don't game at all. All I do is code and cad works, fluid simulations
  6. Bangladesh. Things are a little bit expensive around here. like a 250$ part goes for 300$ The 9700k has hyperthreading desabled and the 9900k is a waste of my savings from my am5 build
  7. I'm planning to wait for the new am5 socket, so not gonna get a new setup asap. Currently my 9600k is pretty good but do really miss the hyperthreading boost. Is getting a i7-8700k a good move?
  8. A totally waste of money build for now. Take this : Ryzen 9 3900x or wait for the 4900x Asus Strix X570-E The graphics card, storage and other options are good. For case, Be Quiet Pure Base 500DX Your main priority is gaming. If so, get a 1080p 144Hz display.
  9. I really hoped Intel would do something great with 10th gen. They broke my heart. With the heat this chips are gonna dissipate, the tdp that's gonna add quite some bill, same old architecture with no new benefits, no surity about compatibility, Intul sucks in 2020 and atleast upcoming 2 years.
  10. If you have the money, get a x570(this and b550 series only support supcoming ryzen 4000) motherboard so that you can upgrade easily to more powerful cpu and other componants. I'd reccomend Asus motherboards cause from experience, they're the best. For cooling, get a nh-d15 if you wanna overclock any future new cpu (Ryzen 4000 series) or even the r5 3600x.AIO and other coolings aren't worth in a budget system. it'll get the temps much lower. For fans, I'd go corsair LL140 fans. They are good rgb fans with really good quality.
  11. 3900x is good enough if you don't need all the cores amd has squeezed into am4. Get an Asus motherboard, x570 one. They have better build and quality componants than others. Reccomending the strix x570-e, i'm getting that with a 3900x. As your pci-e ports will be busy, going amd is the best option for the gen4 support. Intel is still trying to shape their market, so i'd wait to get something compelling from intel. At least not before 11th gen. 10th gen is a waste of money.
  12. It's the 3950x. you'll get 2c/4t more than the 10900k and also much greater performane. When it comes to clockspeeds, ryzen and intel right now are neck and neck due to higher ipc rates of ryzen vs intel's higer clock speed with the expence of additional heat and power consumption.
  13. 10900K runs hot, very hot. So, you have to get a good cooling. Even, it runs 90C in liquid cooling. It'd be wise to wait to see what ryzen 4000 offers and then make the decsion. Going intel isn't a wise chhoice right now.