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  • CPU
    some vintage i3
  • Motherboard
    some m-atx gigabyte board
  • RAM
    4 gb 800mhz ram 😎
  • GPU
    Intel HD Intergrated Graphics 4400
  • Storage
    920GB HDD
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    Windows 10

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  1. Hello, I recently built a new computer and I noticed the post time for it was like 20 seconds. Is there any way to decrease this time? (It lingers on the CPU light for like 7 seconds before moving on to the others, idk if that will help though)
  2. I have heard of some sites exploiting the "Grey" market, which is exploiting regional pricing. Do you think this may be the case?
  3. <Link removed by staff> It sells massively discounted game keys and windows keys. How does it manage these massive discounts? Is it through illegal acts?
  4. Anyone know if there is store that is allowing preorders for 6800xt cards that are less than $1100 AUD? Thanks
  5. There is no reason for the audio to stop working because of the SSD. Have you tried different headsets? If not you should. Additionally, it may be the audio port not working. Ensure that you have the latest drivers for the audio as well (sorry if this confusing lol) Basically in answer to your question, No
  6. Ill stick with the ryzen 5 3600, as the 1650 super is only a temporary card until I can get a rx 6800xt!
  7. New build, that is my current / old system. The new one will be: Ryzen 5 3600 RX 6800XT 2x8GB 3600MHz Ram Samsung 970 Evo MSI b550 Tomahawk and a few other parts but they are the main ones Thanks for your concern though
  8. Hey, wondering if it is a good idea to get a GTX 1650 Super as a place holder card for a 6800xt, when I manage to get one down the line?
  9. RGB, house edition . Just put as much RGB in the building
  10. You could try unplugging the hard drive to see if that helps. Dunno if it will but worth a try
  11. Hey there! Wondering if anyone has advice on what rx 6800xt card to purchase here in Australia? There is a reduced number of options and I would prefer them to be the RRP ($1049). So what cards do you recommend (mix of performance and aesthetics. Thank you!
  12. There is no reason for the data to be deleted, so you should be in the clear!