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  1. Guys,I'm not sure if bumping is allowed on this forum,but help is still very much needed.
  2. Hello everybody, I'm new on forum and I want to ask your for your help. I started to learn program called 3DS Max and Maya,but I have one problem that I believe is something that isn't too hard to do,but for some reason I can't get it to work for 3 hours straight. OK,so I downloaded 3D model (3ds file) of one game character and I imported it in 3DS Max. Character have it's textures,but I would like to add them at once if possible,because I don't want to add it one by one. I looked more then 20 Youtube tutorials,and search over internet,but I couldn't find any guide how to automatically add them. I did found some plugin called ''multitexturever2'',but I still haven't manage to make it work. Do you have any idea how to import them automatically? Kind regards