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  1. Hello everybody, I made a system restore and now I have problem. When I try to change wallpaper or lock screen by opening picture I want to have and trying setting it as wallpaper,I got error ''Try a different photo''. I could change it with no problems before I made system restore,but I got that error with every photo I got. I CAN change wallpaper when I'm on internet by opening image and right clicking it and setting it as wallpaper. However problem occurs after I download picture and then trying to set it as wallpaper. I have Windows 10 Professional 64bi
  2. I'm using PS4 controller via USB cable. I ordered this SSD 256 GB ADATA SX8200 ASX8200PNP-256GT-C, PCIe NVMe, M.2, 2280. I will install Windows and some games,hopefully that will solve problem with stuttering.
  3. Are chances that my HDD is problem high? I would buy SSD 250 GB KINGSTON A2000 M.2/NVMe,but I want to be at least 90% certain that my current HDD is causing this problem. I played Ghostrunner for few minutes and I saw that framerate drops from almost constant 60FPS to 57-59FPS. I didn't used Ray Tracing and DLSS didn't have any performance impact weather is turned On or Off. I tried to lower graphics settings from Ultra to High and framerate drops were still present.
  4. Actually,it's WD Blue with 7200 RPM. Would that make any difference?
  5. I would try new PSU or SSD,but I need to buy it since everyone I know don't own powerful PC like I do,so their PSU is much,much weaker. They also don't use SSD. I would need to buy either of those and I'm really short with money right now,so I don't want to make mistake and buy something that won't solve the problem.
  6. I really don't know what to think.Some of you say it's my RAM,other said it's almost definitely PSU and now it's my HDD. Can you all agree on one component? Also,I'm not sure why my GPU usage is low,and I noticed that stuttering happens when usage drops.
  7. Games werealready set to High priority. Unfortunately,I can only choose between these 3 PSUs: Corsair Enthusiast Series TX750 80+ Gold 750W Zalman WATTTERA 800W, 80 Plus Gold, Active PFC LC-Power LC750W, 80+ Platinum Would any of those work fine? I ran benchmark in Red Dead Redemption 2 and when it finished,I checked Reliability Voltage and reading was ''no'' I heard that Furmark may fry GPU and it's totally unreliable,so I'm kinda afraid to use it. Why does game developers recommend 16GB then? It's not like other 6GB were used for o
  8. I don't think my CPU have integrated GPU since it's KF version which means it doesn't have GPU. Will removing battery be good enough because I'm not too confident in myself with clearing CMOS?
  9. I tried Red Dead Redemption 2 and Witcher 3 RDR2 used around 6 GB and Witcher 3 used around 3GB.
  10. I did installed sticks in A2 B2. It says that I have 16GB,but once I start game it only uses 8GB.
  11. Anyway,I still need help.If anyone can tell me is my RAM working fine,since it only uses 8GB instead of all 16GB? I ran benchmark in Shadow of The Tomb Raider and RAM usage never went over 8GB despite having 16GB in my system,
  12. What about RAM usage?I've been using only 8GB in games instead of 16GB. PS I enabled XMP profile.
  13. Yeah,I heard that this PSU had issues with 3xxx series and caused some PCs to reboot. I never had issues with it,at least not with restarting under load. I noticed that while I was taking screenshots I saw that my RAM is using only 8 GB instead of 16 GB,do you perhaps know why?