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  1. Hello everybody, I have EVGA RTX 3080 XC3 and I wanted to buy new thermal pads for better cooling. I contacted EVGA and they told me exact dimensions for pads. Here is what they told me: For the GeForce RTX 3080 XC3 cards, please use the following thermal pad dimensions: Memory Pads: 1pc - 15mm x 12mm x 2.25mm 2pcs - 53mm x 14mm x 2.25mm 1pc - 37.5mm x 14mm x 2.25mm MOS Pads: 1pc - 83mm x 6.5mm x 2.75mm (Left side of GPU) 1pc - 83mm x 5.5mm x 2.5mm (Right side of GPU) I tried to buy Gelid GP Ext
  2. Just a little update. I found a solution for stuttering and now game run perfectly smooth. It seems like I needed to set Vertical Sync in Nvidia Control Panel to ''On''. I also enabled CPU Boost in BIOS and viola stuttering was completely gone.
  3. When you say to ''dig deep'' as there are some well hidden options what do you mean by that? How can I see them if they are hidden?
  4. I didn't see any SB in my BIOS. I really don't know what to do,there has to be a way to disable it,I mean it's been an option on older MOBOs and I don't get why wouldn't they give that option on newer ones?
  5. Hello everybody, I would like to disable HPET in my BIOS,but I can't find it anywhere. I read it's the ''hidden'' option and I spent hours looking for solution to find it without luck. I know it can be disabled in Windows,but I read that it sometimes won't work if it's not disabled in BIOS. Could you please tell me how to disable it in BIOS,I'm starting to become desperate from looking for answer.
  6. 1.Would memtest64 or memtes86 show if I have faulty RAM, and would it help if I swap RAM sticks in different sockets? 2.I'm not sure what you mean by swap file and how to solve it? 3.I didn't undervolted my GPU yet 4.My temperatures seems fine from what I saw.I wouldn't say I'm having thermal throttling.
  7. How did you manage to reach such a high VRAM temperatures as of 110c? Did you used it for mining or for gaming?
  8. OK,I'll give it a shot,I was planning to buy thermal pads too,since EVGA allows mods like that without void of warranty. Would you recommend Arctic MX-5 paste for my GPU? Also,is original thermal paste that comes with GPUs high quality or is it one of the ''cheaper'' ones that is used for mass production?
  9. Yeah,I agree completely,I only thought of that solution because that guy had same issue with stuttering like I do and despite having ''good'' temperatures with his GPU he manage to solve his problem.
  10. This may seem like a dumb question,but would changing thermal paste help with this problem? I read that guy had 60c on his RX 480 that's been previously used for mining and he didn't noticed any thermal throttling and he mange to get PC stable with undervolting,but once he change settings to stock,he had stuttering again,so he changed thermal paste and his stuttering stopped. I know I have card that is only 6 months old and was used for mining since Feb 22. but is there a chance that paste degraded in such a short time?
  11. I had this settings on MSI Afterburner while mining: -130 Core Clock +1000 Memory Clock 69% Power Limit 88% Fan Speed As for temperature of GPU while mining with these settings,I'm not sure I know it was in safe limits for mining as far as other people with RTX 3080 reported,so I always focused on memory temperature. Memory temperature is around 85c average,depending on ambient temperature,but it never went above 94c and was almost always at 92c max. I run the card for around 1 month constantly as the guys told me that it won't hurt GPU because it runs
  12. I haven't tried undervolting since I don't have knowledge to do it,but did you had microstuttering or just occasional frame drops because of demanding games? I should easily run this games with +85 FPS on 4k,so I don't think these are ''standard'' frame drops that happens when some game is very demanding and FPS hoovers around 60-ish and then drops in graphically demanding scenes. To me it happens ever few seconds no matter how scene or game is demanding.
  13. I have EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 XC3 ULTRA GAMING and I usually have overclock on it for mining,but I turn it off every time I'm not mining.
  14. My bootdrive is SSD that has both Windows and Nvidia Drivers installed on it.
  15. I have installed HwInfo64 that has new feature for measuring memory junction temperatures for 3080 and 3090. Max temp for memory was 92c.