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  1. Yep. Cheaper than cheap aliexpress radiator, so I think that I hadn't overpaid. I'm just wondering if it'll possible to reuse standard pump/block combo as water block alone with another, external pump like chinese SC600 with 5,25" res(good discount atm) or Magicool DCP450.
  2. I've bought Fractal Design Celsius S36, it was cheap but broken - but so cheap that it was cheaper than aliexpress 360mm radiator Nice thing is that it has a standard G 1/4" connectors, so with broken pump I've thought that I can get rid of pump impeller, get some fittings, hoses, cheap pump with reservoir and get this thing running - or maybe without touching block assembly, just connect another pump, leave stock alone and go. But... will it work? For starters I'll of course try to repair broken one, not sure how at this moment but I'll figure something out. If anything else fails I'll have at least cheap radiator, but I want to run it as cheap as possible.
  3. Are you sure that this'll work? To be honest I was checking only local suppliers, 10x price of the one that you've sent... Also I don't trust chinese boards like this - if it fails data recovery will be possible, but I'm afraid that this could damage my drives and that's huge problem.
  4. So it doesn't make any sense. Buying external RAID controller is not an option for me, due to its price - it'll cost more than PC with 4x1TB new HDDs. I consider this topic as finished... If it doesn't work then it doesn't work
  5. Hello Recently my NAS, Zyxel NSA310, died. I want to build something since QNAP or Synology aren't cheap and I want to do it myself. I thought about going for mini-ITX board, but I'm looking for something with built-in hardware RAID controller. I've found Intel DH57JG and DH67CF, they're not expensive and, according to Intel, they support RAID. Also I've found that H*7 supports RAID(and it's main difference between these and H*5), so I assume that this has hardware controller. Is it a good way to go? 4 SATA ports should be enough, because I want to go for 4x500 GB(or maybe 4x1TB) in RAID 10. As boot drive some cheap pciex to m.2 adapter, CPU with lowest TDP and passive cooled PSU to get this as quiet as possible. What do you think about it?