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  1. This looks like a good idea, will buy and try and repair it. My grandad has better knowledge about these things than I do, can ask him. Thanks for the help
  2. As far as I know, I think you need warranty to RMA something, this vacuum is 7 years out of warranty and I don't have the receipt. Looks like I can't RMA it sadly
  3. I own a Dyson DC19 Animal and it has worked perfectly for a long time but recently it started acting strange. It turns on but stops working literally 2 seconds after I push the power button. I noticed this morning if I wiggle the power button a bit, I hear some electrical buzzing and the machine works until I stop wiggling the power button. Can someone please help me resolve the issue? I know this vacuum is outdated but it is still very good. I contacted Dyson but they didn't know what was causing this. Maybe someone here can help. Once again, this is very off topic
  4. @Vishera I opened up the case out of pure curiosity to find that all of the capacitors on the motherboard were either bulging or popped completely. I will most likely look for a Ryzen build for her as @Void Master pointed out
  5. @Vishera The computer just locked up completely, as soon as I pressed start, it just froze and gave me a BSOD
  6. The weird thing is that it only reaches a maximum temp of 52C (125.6F) so I wouldn't say it is overheating.
  7. When you open up Blender or Adobe Premiere, and you start doing some things like render then the PC starts being slow and the mouse stops working and then it gets a BSOD We removed all the unnecessary programs but the problem still persists. All fans are clean and CPU had thermal paste re-applied yesterday. FYI the PSU is a Corsair CX 750M (might be overkill)
  8. Yesterday, my Sister came to me and told me she needs an upgrade. She also said 'And it has also been working a bit sluggish and shuts down after being used for a little while' This is what she currently has: Intel Core i7-5820K ASUS Z87-K Motherboard Corsair Vengeance Pro 1600MHz 2x8GB DDR3 RAM WD 4TB HDD (she uses it to store her work) SanDisk 120GB SSD (used only as an OS boot drive) PNY Quadro P1000 GPU (she got this GPU for free from her work, yes for free) before that, she had an AMD Radeon HD 9850 Overall the system was treated very nicely, cleaned every 2 months There is no budget for her upgrades, she will pay for everything Can you guys recommend some nice upgrades? She works for a local graphics designer and does some very intensive 3D modeling and heavy video editing
  9. I have all nearly all of the Click Wheel iPods including the OG iPod, and I have 4 iPod Minis green still in box
  10. I love collecting vintage iPods, that's a thing that makes me happy And in my spare time I like to go outside and do some photography
  11. Yesterday i spent like 4 hours playing GTA V and then realised I also got the Online DLC

    So if you ever play GTA Online, you can look for me. I'm called meow_plays

    If this sort of thing isn't allowed here, please tell me and I wont post such things again :) 



    It took a long time but so happy to play it again! (after my PS4 had GPU issues)

  13. Another update on GTA V download: 

    I'm at 66.91GB and the speed jumped to 140.8 MB/S

  14. Update on GTA V download:

    I am now at 8.61GB

    Still a lot more GB to go