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    Free Loading off parents


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    Ryzen 2700 @ 4.2ghz
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    Asus X370
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    16gb @3200mhz
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    GTX 1080ti
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    Corsair Carbide 400c
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    512 intel 600p, 128gb samsung 840 evo. 2x 2tb western digital black
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    Corsair RM750i
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    Acer Predator X34
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    Coolermaster 240 shit
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    Ducky shine 4 cherry mx brown
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    Logitech G903
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    Sennheiser HD800, Custom Speakers ,AKG N5005
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    Windows 10

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  1. Ok thanks for that guys, Anyone have any recommended privacy oriented web browsers for android.
  2. Hi there I have a question. what kind of information do websites know about your device. Obviously they know your IP, but what else. for the case of android, can they know your android device ID and your model number. How about MAC address? Can they know system specs?, I imagine that they will know your screen resolution and aspect ratio? Does changing or spoofing your user agent help at all or not?
  3. I removed one of the ram sticks and I didn't get any blue screens seems stable. The thing is I tried the other stick since I assumed it was defective and yet the pc worked fine as well. It was only when I had both sticks in at the same time I get tons of BSOD's bit confused here
  4. I removed the SSD and tried installing windows 10 in the hard drive. I had a blue screen pretty quickly. I'm guessing it's the ram that is probably defective then.
  5. I recently build a new pc for my gran. Specs are: 16gb ram some random brand called Team group (purchased everything from amazon.jp) Ryzen 5 2400g (no OC at all) Asrock B450m Pro4 (on latest bios) WD green PC SSD Sata (m.2 2280) 1tb wd blue hdd I have build plenty of pc's before and this one has by far been the most trouble. I have had constant BSOD's, I even had several BSOD's during the windows installation process, which basically meant i had to format the drive and start over. When Windows eventually did install I have constant BSOD's, most of the time as soon as i try and login in the system bluescreens and when i do manage to get into windows, I always blue screen with in 5 min or less. Bluescreen errors i have had so far are: Memory Management Kmode exception not handled system service exception irql_not_less_or_equal critical process died attempted write to read only memory also had something called winpeshl.exe show up after one of the BSOD, when it showed up the screen was also all glitched out with red lines and shit on it. Not sure what is wrong. Ran memtest86 for 4 passes but had 0 errors, I also ran the windows memory diagnostic tool thing and it said hardware problems detected. Is it the ram that is cooked? or maybe the ssd that is my other hunch Whatever the issue, i need to find out the underlining cause asap.
  6. Think I might have fixed it, I reflashed my bios and it seems to be performing better
  7. Hi their I have a ryzen build pc that I get some pretty bad stuttering in games. The specs are as follows: GTX 1080ti Ryzen 7 2700 16gb ram ddr4 @2800mhz I play on a acer x34 monitor @ 3440x1440 resolution and @95hz I have pretty bad stuttering in most of my games, though it is probably worst in fortnite. In fortnite for example, I got a pretty steady 80-95fps, but I often get dips down to the 20-30fps range before the fps jumps back up to the regular 80-95fps range. I lowered fortnites graphics and resolution to potato settings and my frame rate while at a constant 95fps would still have dips inexplicably down to the 20-30fps range. Please help this is incredibly annoying, I did at one point upgrade my cpu from a 1700 to a 2700, I did reset windows but I chose the keep my files option not a full reset.
  8. Unfortunately after just under 24hrs the distortion problem has came back, even with my amp plugged into a different outlet. I know the problem is definitely from my PC, since i can plug my laptop and into my Mstage and the distortion is gone. Just then I briefly restarted my PC and the distortion problem seemed to go, but after about 5-10min it started coming back. I'll turn my PC off for the next hour and then restart it to see if that does anything. I may end up looking into a USB noise filter after all.
  9. I fixed it, I had to run a 3 metre extension cable to a power socket in another room and it fixed it, the other power socket in my room also had distortion issues.
  10. Was thinking about maybe getting a usb noise filter,Something like the AudioQuest JitterBug or Ifi Silencer. I did try different power sockets but it didn't seem to help.
  11. I tried that and it didn't work, the thing is though that when I plug my HD800 into the front 6.35mm input of the Mstage there is no noticable distortion when the Mstage is connected to my PC. I use a RCA cable connected to the Mstage's rear secondary output to connect to my amp.
  12. Doesn't work, power amp has no volume control that is what the pre-amp is for and even with the pre-amp volume knob all the way to mute, the distortion hiss from my speakers is still there.Changing it in windows doesn't help as well.
  13. Hi there, I have recently received a new power amp for my speakers. I have it connected to my Headphone amp/Dac which functions as the pre-amp, the problem is that I get a pretty loud and audible hiss/noise from the speakers, Even at at regular listening volumes I can hear it if i listen closely. The power amp and speakers I build myself from a kit, while the Pre-amp is a Matrix Mstage HPA2 that I have used with my HD800 for 2 years. The Distortion seems to be coming from my PC, whenever I plug my pre-amp into my PC and connected it to my amp the distortion is there and loud, I plugged the MStage usb cable into my phone using a type c adapter and the distortion is basically unnoticeable. I tried plugging the cable into my Predator x34's usb pass through but it made no difference, the problem seems to come from my pc itself, I also tried using different usb ports on it but distortion was still present. My question is how do I get rid of this distortion, I was thinking about buying a shielded cable, but I'm doubtful if it will help, since the problem may be coming from inside my PC. Please Help, I really need to be able to use my PC with my speaker system.
  14. Yeah, I have a mate with a ryzen 7 1700 @3.95ghz and his cinebench R15 score is also around 1700. Though for me the main issue I have is lag spikes/stuttering in games
  15. I have installed a ryzen 7 2700 however my PC performance isn't as good as it should be, though even with my old ryzen 7 1700 I had some performance issues. In games I get lag spikes and stuttering quite a bit. Games in question being fortnite, Witcher 3 and COD WW2. In cinebench R15 I haven't been able to breach the 1700 point barrier and this is with 2700 being oc'ed to 4.2ghz. Not sure what is bottlenecking my performance. Full PC specs are: Ryzen 7 2700 @4.2ghz 16GB DDR4 @2666MHZ Asus turbo GTX 1080Ti Asus x370 prime pro MOBO Intel 512gb 600p drive 2 TB HDD (not sure the brand) CoolerMaster AIO CPU cooler Acer x34 3440x1440 ultrawide gsync monitor Bios is fully updated I tried overclocking the ram to 2933mhz by increasing the stock dram voltage but performance was very bad, chrome especially was basically unusable with major lagging and stuttering, CPU also didn't clock any higher than 3.2ghz instead of the 4.2ghz clock I had, cinebench R15 performing dropped to just over 1100. Maybe I didn't increase dram voltage enough?