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    ryzen 5 3400g@4.1ghz
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    16gb ddr4 @3200mhz
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    phanteks p100
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    500gb m.2 240gb ssd 480gbssd
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    thermaltake smart series 750W
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    60inch 4k@60hz onn tv
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  1. id rather it be pci because i have a ton of usb's in use at the moment
  2. so i have a MSI B450M PRO-VDH MAX mobo and the only other pci slot i have open is a PCIx1 slot. any suggestions on a really high quality PCIx1 bluetooth adapter ?
  3. no nothing was plugged into it u unplugged it on purpose like normal and it just shut off but it turns back on
  4. so i was just playing my game chilling and i had a usb cord plugged into my pc to use my controller but my controller wasnt plugged in and my phone was about to die so i went to unplug it and right when i did my pc just shut off instantly. anybody have any idea why it did that ?
  5. dont see much wrong maybe look into upgrading the cpu to a ryzen 7 2700x or ryzen 7 3700x and the gpu could be upgraded but like you said it doesn't really matter
  6. so i overclocked my ryzen 5 3400g to 4.05 ghz and for some reason i cant get it to pass 60c at all ive stressed it with everything and even before overclocking it keeping it at the normal 3.7 ghz it wouldnt pass 60c and then i overclocked it and it has never passed exactly 60c. does this mean somewhere its set to throttle at 60c and not pass that ? and if that is the case where can i change it to throttle at 75c or something ?
  7. okay and is there any way i could decrease the overall temp of my gpu it gets pretty hot in every circumstance even when its not being used it sits at 45c
  8. i have no idea how to remove a gpu cooler without breaking something lmao
  9. oopsie daysie so i was watching a video with my brother and my gpu was super loud so i just turned off the fans and we watched the video but then my cousin pulled in so we went upstairs and was up there for a good hour or 2 and when i came back my gpu was at 91c and i have a xfx rx 570 8gb and it says the max temp for it is 65c. is there any chance i messed up my card at all by accidently doing that ?
  10. so i have a XFX RX 570 8gb and when in playing some older games like dead island that arent well optimized. my gpu tends to get toasty at around 85c. so my question is, is it okay to run my gpu at 100% fan speed? because when i put it to 100% the fans sound like screaming chimpanzees. its extremely loud and whines very badly and i just bought this gpu brand new off amazon 1 month ago but i think its just because the cheaper fans and running them at 100% because normally at 50-60% theres almost no noise at all but when i bump it up it sounds like a dying honda civic engine
  11. so basically i need to plug my gpu in through the other one and see if that fixes it? because yeah it was decently warm to the touch but now that im not running my gpu at 100% usage its not warm anymore and when i was running it at 100% the ends of those 2 that aren't connected start to warm up and it isn't from heat because the side panel is off and there pretty much sticking outside the case so there's no way its from the heat dissipating off of the gpu. and could me plugging it into the first gpu connector have any benefits because its the first one?
  12. i never put the side panel on so the air came right out and its on the two tips that are warm and nothing else