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  1. Tetramino

    mic stand

    so im looking to buy a blue yeti but i want a mic stand for it, im looking for one of those that clamp to your desk and can swing freely. anyone know where i can get one thas not too expensive but still good quality
  2. Tetramino


    why not go with a k-series processor that way you actually have the ability overclock if you wanted to
  3. i bought it way before ryzen 4 or intel 10th gen was a thing and i dont fancy buing a new motherboard
  4. Yeah that's fair, i bought an i5 9400f to then later when i have the money for a i9 9900k i will swap to that. since it has the highest performance in game compared to a similar ryzen cpu
  5. not realy at this point its better for all my products to be razer so that i dont need 5 softwares for the same purpose
  6. lol i already buy razer products, my keyboard, mouse and headset is razer so ofc i would by them
  7. Do you thing this would come to microsoft's chromium edge?
  8. What i did was, set as their recommendations and the game would work then changed the setting in game and it was fixed. cause the problem with experience is that it sets setting too low on laptops and to high on desktop. for example for me on GTA the resolution was broken, if i set it to 1920x1080 it would be wrong ratio even on 16:9 so experience fixed that issue but kille my frames, so as i said changed the settings and now its all good
  9. dont forget that without recent drivers for your gpu the game will freeze every now and then
  10. do you have Geforce Experience i had resoulution issues with games until i used experiance to set video settings and now i have no problems whatsoever
  11. This is my favorite game of all time. There are of course still some issues like the problem with the magnum spread, and i found that one of the speedruning triks for the second level doesn't work anymore. Despite all of that I'm still waiting for the halo 2 to get ported for that is the only game in the franchise i have yet to play.
  12. thanks this helped a lot
  13. Tetramino


    how do i know if i should use a 3 slot or a 4 slot Nv-link